Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #22 — Vampires, Werewolves and… Plants

September 22nd, 2007

Yeah, so it’s a week late. Not like anybody else is covering it… or subbing it.


A very intense episode… if mostly having absolutely nothing to do with anything else. Hiyuu wheeled Ryuuji around town in an effort to teach him what it meant to have empathy for others and we got the long awaited reveal that Maria and Inugami are both immortal monster demon things. Maria was pretty fucked up, but with the nurses nearby… and she as some kind of daywalking ubervampire, I don’t think she’s out of it. The detective may not make it though. He kind of got gutted by Inugami, although Kyouichi magically came back from worse and then overcame the guy who messed him up with a cold stare so… I’m sure he’ll be fine. The final boss also appears at the end.

All said though, this episode felt very disjointed and extraneous. Maria and Inugami are off doing their own things and aren’t really part of Team Good Guy. Hell, most of Team Good Guy outside of the nurses has shown no knowledge whatsoever that the two are eldritch monsters. So… where the hell did all this stuff with them come from and where is it going? There are still a few more episodes left to answer these questions, but really, the sudden development for them with absolutely no connection to the main plot just feels poorly written.

Outside a church lie bodies brutally killed and burned to a crisp. A woman breathes heavily in the carnage… looking very similar to a younger and slightly chubbier Maria. The scene fades to… Maria… sitting on a stairway.

In his lab, the evil coroner has a foot in a test tube and smiles to himself.

Hiyuu has brought Chaos/Ryuuji to the twin priestesses. They think he’s pretty creepy, but Hiyuu thinks that he just needs to learn what life is.

Evil cornoner (does this dude even have a name?) loads a gun with strange symbols and says to himself that the time has come… brother. The detective stands behind him with a similar gun.

Kyouichi is back at the drag queen hut, being fawned over by his… er… mothers. The rest of the crew are also helping out, even Alan is around and doing odd chores. Ryuuji is also there. All the drag queens think he’s really cute, and he tells them that they’re all pretty too.

Hiyuu continues wheeling Ryuuji around town. The next stop is the bar… now renamed with a giant pink sign care of Marie. She immediately glomps onto Hiyuu and is all over him, even yelling at Kyouichi for coming between the two. He makes a snide comment, and she nearly blows up his food before he threatens her and she calls on Tatsumachi to protect her. Ryuuji thinks all Hiyuu’s friends are interesting people.

Tohno and Kyouichi are a little worried about how Hiyuu is taking this though, but Hiyuu seems determined to see it through, so Kyouichi thinks it’ll be okay, though Tohno still tells him to be careful.

They continue the tour of town, passing the rest of team good guy at various points.

In the teacher lounge, Maria is looking at Hiyuu’s file. Inugami asks her what she’s doing, but she just says that he’s a pretty amazing kid. Inugami says that he guesses so and wanders off. Outisde, the detective is waiting in a car.

Daigo, Komaki and Aoi continue stalking Hiyuu and Ryuuji, a bit worried for Hiyuu’s safety. Aoi tells Daigo to just wait and see. Komaki is still hung up on him killing Hiyuu’s parents and thinks this is fucking nuts, but Daigo and Aoi are willing to wait and see. Aoi doesn’t really understand how Hiyuu can forgive him either, but trusts in him anyway… though she does remember that their fight isn’t over yet.

The next place they visit is the coroner’s office… to show Ryuuji the bodies of people who died of an overdose of something the coroner calls ‘Chaos.’ I wonder what that could mean. Ryuuji doesn’t really understand and asks Hiyuu what this means. Kyouichi gets cranky at this, but Hiyuu calms him.

The coroner continues, saying whoever did this was some kind of monster who affected people through their cellphones. Kyouichi is a bit smug at the guy’s diagnosis. The coroner says that they never figured out who is was or why the monsters attack people… he himself and his brother (and his partner, Mr Detective) were victims of it in the past too.

He leans in close to Ryuuji and tells him to not to hesitate to kill any monsters like that should he find them.

The priestesses are a bit cranky at the current situation with Ryuuji, but the elders think that Ryuuji could be far too powerful under Yagyu’s control, so it’s good for Hiyuu to befriend him and rehabilitate him. As they talk about this, Hiyuu keeps showing him around town and all the places and people he’s affected.

Maria is still moping. The detective in his car outside loads his gun. The coroner shoots the freaky foot and it swells up and then bursts. He says “brother.”

Hiyuu keeps pushing Ryuuji around, thinking about his parents.

That night, Maria walks through the school alone. A voice calls out to her, basically saying that he time has come. The detective walks up with his gun unholsted, talking about decades ago. A monster attacked the coroner’s brother and bit his neck, spewing out blood.

Back in the present, the detective tosses down a folder filled with photos of Maria through various historical times. She asks why he could do something like this, and then scowls as veins cover her face and her eyes turn red. The detective pulls his gun and points it at her.

A shot rings out and Maria’s arm goes flying. The detective didn’t shoot… the coroner (Ryuuta) did. He points his gun at her. She rushes forward, transforming even more as he shoots. The detective fires, hitting her in the back and forcing her to flee. Ryuuta shoots her again before she manages to jump out the window.

Outside, she’s leaking blood and staggering away. The two keep firing at her, blowing her totally apart. Ryuuta remembers back to his brother turning into a freakish vampire because of a vampire bite and nearly attacking him before the detective saved him. His brother still attacked a nurse… and went on to attack the rest of the hospital before he was stopped.

Ryuuta prepares to deliver the finishing blow but a sudden blur knocks his gun away.  Ryuuta is sent flying… and the detective turns to see Maria being held by Inugami. Ryuuta gets up and yells at Inugami… but he says that it wasn’t Maria who did that. He shrugs at the annoyance this is and his eyes glow. The detective refuses to fire… and turns to leave.

Ryuuta refuses to give up. The detective tells him that killing them won’t bring his brother back. Ryuuta keeps going on about killing all the monsters and their companions together, but the detective is having second thoughts since Maria and Inugami haven’t attacked anybody that they know of since they started observing them. The detective says that this won’t bring an end to it anyway. Ryuuta wrests away the detective’s gun and tries to shoot Inugami, but his speed is way too fast. Inugami rushes forward, transforming his arm as he does so and then stabs forward in a shower of blood.

In his final moments, Ryuuta remembers back to the freakish thing his brother became. The detective and he were hiding on the rooftop from all the vampires and almost killed themselves to keep from becoming vampires when the sun rose and killed them all… except for his brother’s foot.

But wait… the detective is the one on the ground with the grievous wound through him. He took the blow for Ryuuta. Inugami just turns and leaves, wondering if the wound is fatal. From above, the two nurses watch.

Hiyuu is bringing something to Ryuuji out in the middle of nowhere when the sky becomes filled with the red shooting stars. He gives Ryuuji a strawberry drink… his favorite based on what his mother gave him.

Ryuuji finally loses it and gets pissed off at him for how Hiyuu’s been condescending to him. Hiyuu just smiles and says that he’s glad… that Ryuuji is finally showing his real emotions. Ryuuji thinks it’s all a lie. The comets increase more and more as the scene goes on.

The dragon symbol flashes, and the comets spin around the sky. Everybody is suddenly in immense pain and the dragon veins appear over all their faces, including people like Marie. Basically everybody with a power except Inugami has them.

Hiyuu senses what this means… Yagyu is here. He appears in front of Hiyuu and Ryuuji.

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