Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #20 — Merry Christmas, Hiyuu!

September 4th, 2007

The real Christmas present is Marie.

New OP this episode. It’s pretty shitty though. Song’s a little bit better, but the animation is boring as fuck all. 


Oh man, Marie was about 25 different kinds of adorable this episode. If they had a spinoff that was just about her trying to bodily attach herself to Hiyuu while spitting fire at all others that get in her way, I’d watch it. Aside from that, I don’t really like this Chaos kid all that much. We already did the dream thing with Sagaya, and while I do like driving Hiyuu to become a bit darker of a character, it’s not like he had any personality to begin with and already was moping over his real father’s death anyway. Now he just has more reason to be all mopey.

But anyway, I have issues taking wheelchair boy seriously as a villain. The show opened with a giant puppetmaster spider creature. This is… some kind in a wheelchair who can make people crazy. Maybe if he got into the heads of one or two of our heroes, he could be a threat, but Team Goodguy has already proven their ability to kick the snot out of normal people with relative ease. He better have something else up his sleeve outside of “send hordes of foaming madmen at them.” I also don’t know if the two different rainbow patterns are actually supposed to mean anything or just a production error. I suppose we’ll see.

Second OP


During the winter, people are shopping around town. In an alley, a crazy man with some strange marks or fluid on his body is beating up another. There are actually a ton of people beating up others while a guy sits at a computer, watching them all with a school uniform laying behind him.

Hiyuu is talking to his parents on a payphone. It’s the usual “take care of yourself in the winter” and “you’ll be fine in school” conversation. Hiyuu tries to hang up the phone, but his hand suddenly slips. He flexes it in confusion and then picks it up again as a blazing red star shoots by overhead.

Hiyuu’s parents are on a bus to visit him. His mother is telling his father about the call she just had.

At Kisaragi’s store, Hiyuu is giving all his friends fliers for the ramen shop. They’re all happy, Anko especially. Kyouichi notices something, and then Marie appears from behind Hiyuu/ She’s riding on his back and starts getting into it with Kyouichi, him calling her a little demon and her sticking out her tongue at him and then nuzzling Hiyuu.

At a gym, there’s a basketball game going on, and the star player… is in a wheelchair. He goes ‘up’ for a hookshot, makes the basket, and then manages to hurl himself into a wall. Everybody rushes over, but the only thing wounded is his pride. A little later, he’s sitting around with a couple friends talking about girlfriends and whatnot while eying up a girl standing in the doorway who smiles to them. One of the friends begs him to introduce her to him.

Elsewhere, whose-his-face, the dream user, is fixing up a sign. Three of his old bullies walk up. All four, look at eachother, but they look away and then run off. A scream makes him look up and the two nurses are trying to restrain a woman who is covered in the marks we saw at the start. They look kind of like handprints, but some only have three or four ‘fingers.’ Sagaya comes in and tries to help restrain her. She looks up at him and says “Chaos” (well, “Kaosu”). Iwayama recognizes it with a start. The woman’s cell phone falls to the ground, its display a swirl of rainbow colors.

The estrogen laden good guys, minus Hiyuu, are all walking through town. Aoi sees a Christmas display and wants to buy it for Hiyuu’s parents.

The testasterone laden good guys, plus Marie, are at the ramen store, where Marie is spitting fire at Kyouichi because she’s being held by the giant owner and being kept from “Tatsuma-chi.” Kyouichi and Daigo head outside and think of how to kill time.

Hiyuu’s running to meet his parents. Wheelchair dude turns the corner and is nearly run over by a truck. Hiyuu saved him, but his wheelchair is totalled, and we see that the driver is covered with the same marks as before. Hiyuu offers to carry the kid for the time being, but his mother is right there with a van to take him home. He wishes Hiyuu a Merry Christmas before he heads off, but Hiyuu suddenly realizes that he’s seen the kid before.

At the bus station, the guy who was at the computer at the start of the episode is introducing himself to Hiyuu’s parents as a friend. He says that Hiyuu sent him to pick them up and show them the way.

Hiyuu makes it to downtown or whatever, but nobody’s there that he recognizes, although the estrogen trio is wandering nearby.

Hiyuu’s parents give one of the strawberry treats to the kid as thanks. Hiyuu’s still… god only knows where. The kid keeps leading Hiyuu’s parents on. His… strange electronic device around his neck (seriously, I have no clue what that’s supposed to be) suddenly lights up with the rainbow colors.

A woman comes out of the building Hiyuu is lurking in front of and asks if he needs anything. He says no, sees a mailbox across the street, and his face lights up. Hiyuu’s not-a-friend takes his parents down an alleywall, and they finally get the clue that there’s something weird going on. They reach out to him, and he drops the strawberry treat in the snow and then stomps on it.

Hiyuu’s parents have finally figured out that they’re totally screwed and start backing away. The guy starts going crazy, saying that there’s no Christmas cake (no, really). He pulls out an ice pick and then rushes them. Blood splatters as the bag of strawberry stuff falls.

We see a shot of a choir singing over a church and wheelchair boy having dinner with his family. Christmas cake kid cackles madly over the bodies, and Hiyuu’s little snowman family on a mailbox stands there.

A little later, Hiyuu has moved the snowman family next to him in the entranceway to the building. The eternal clueless cop comes up to him.

In the morgue, two bodies are laid out on a slab. The cloth is lifted, and Hiyuu recognizes his parents. He reaches out to them as the examiner says the cause of death. Another cop comes in and says that they found the guy who did it and he’s upstairs. Hiyuu overhears them and clenches his fist. He then pushes past them and runs upstairs to see the guy being taken away in cuffs. He starts laughing at Hiyuu, his eyes rolling madly. Hiyuu rushes to him and grabs him by the collar before the cops restrain him.

Hiyuu bursts forth with energy, throwing them all back. The kid starts taunting Hiyuu, saying that his parents were trash. Hiyuu grabs him and the kid asks the air “did you see that, Chaos?” before laughing crazily again. Hiyuu looks at him and sees the handprints all over him. The kid then convulses and coughs up blood all over the place. The weird electronic thing flashes a strange rainbow pattern (different from before, more blocky).

Wheelchair boy is watching the news with his parents. His cellphone is spazzing out in the same blocky rainbow pattern.

Outside the police station, Team Goodguy is gathering. Komaki is crying and saying that Hiyuu didn’t deserve this. Aoi hugs her as Hiyuu comes out. He doesn’t say a word to any of them. Kyouichi and Aoi try to talk to him, but he just walks on. Kyouichi grabs his arm, but his eyes narrow, he pulls off of Kyouichi and keeps walking. Anko is crying at home as well, with the Christmas tree they bought him. Even the shrine maidens and the elders are sad.

Wheelchair boy and his friends are at a karaoke bar, having a grand old time. On his cell phone is written “T.H.A name of CHAOS.” He presses a button and the phone beeps before his friends make him sing the next song.

At Kisaragi’s shop, Sagaya is showing them the cellphone from the woman. It has the same “T.H.A. name of CHAOS” on it. Apparently it’s some form of cellphone game. Sagaya used to know the guy when he was a shut-in. Online, the guy was named Chaos and thought of Sagaya as an companion. They think that Chaos is trying to torment Hiyuu for some reason.

Meanwhile, biker Kyouichi is on a ride through the streets of Tokyo.

They don’t know why Chaos is after Hiyuu, but set Anko on trying to figure it out. Her cell phone rings.

Back in Tokyo, Kyouichi is still biking around. Hiyuu comes to a stairway into a bar and a guy tries to stop him. Hiyuu picks him up and slams him into a wall. Inside, Hiyuu is demanding to know where Chaos is while also throwing them around the room like little ragdolls. He picks up a guy, but before he can punch him, Kyouichi’s sword flies in between them. Kyouichi tells him that his fight isn’t with these guys. Hiyuu tells him to stay out of his way, but Kyouichi says it’s his business to interfere.

Aoi is running through town to their location. Hiyuu and Kyouichi are engaging in a little fisticuffs, but they’re mostly just wailing on eachother. Aoi makes it to the bar and tries to break them up. Hiyuu violently throws her off and into the bar. Kyouichi runs over to her, and Hiyuu looks ashamed for a moment and then runs off.

Overhead, the red star flies by.

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