Restructuring Tenka Seiha — Opinions Desired

September 3rd, 2007

Tenka Seiha: blog. A site barely alive. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was before. Better… stronger… faster. 

Edit: Gave this a healthy push to the top of the page for one more day. 

Man, I wish I had six million dollars to work on the site. 

The short version is that in the beginning, I really didn’t expect to be writing more than a couple entries a week for this and it was in place for someone else, but I’ve enjoyed it and have kind of taken it over. I’ve been meaning to do at least a minor restructuring for awhile, and this weekend’s as good a time as any. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could go through the poll below and just check off anything you have an opinion on for the direction I should concentrate on taking the blog. 

The big thing is a redesign of how posts are structured, but I pretty much tacked on anything else that came into mind as I was brainstorming. The teasers (little blurbs and caps on the main page, and the blurb for the RSS feed) are almost certainly going to be cut out of the posts themselves. I’m rethinking the way posts are designed with the impressions of the ep first and then the summary though and am almost certainly switching to one of these two styles (and I’ve been contemplating switching to smaller thumbnails… 4 to a line):
Style 1 – All Text In One Place
Style 2 – Summary Interjected Within Screencaps
SubStyle – Smaller Thumbnails

Nothing is hard and fast, and some things are suggestions from other people that would take a landslide for me to change, but for the moment, I’m open to specific thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. A lot of things commonly associated with blogging (number and size of screencaps for example) are very easy to change without me doing any more work. Other things, like my reliance on a torrent to appear before I can cover an episode, not so much. The Current Events thing is also something I have a lot of fun with, but I feel awful if nothing particularly interesting happens for awhile and it just sits up there for a long time.

If you’ve got any suggestions to add that aren’t covered below, please leave a comment or drop me a line at Nothing is immutable in the future either if things don’t work out.

Thanks muchly for your input.


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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DrmChsr0 says:

    You do not have Vogons.

  • sage says:

    Why the Swedes?

  • NaweG says:

    I’m a big fan of the caps with analysis structure myself. Of course the “ideal” setup would be to add a commentary sound track to a video of selected portions of the anime you’re reviewing. I’ve been thinking of doing something like that myself, but am concerned about what the copyright issues would be.

  • TheBigN says:

    Breaking monotony works when reading the blog, so the text interspersed with pictures should be good. :P

  • Totali says:

    I used to stick the pictures between text but I eventually found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Then again, you also do a lot more screenshots than I do, and your style of writing is different.

    Hoping for an epic remodel ;P

  • Author says:

    My biggest issue with Tenka Seiha /blog is how our tastes have no common subset. I read and think, “it would be awesome if he wrote something about Lucky Star or [insert any other title here]”. I don’t think anything can be done about that though. But losing the background image seems eminently doable. I see it serves to highlight the black of the banner area, but it’s a small thing, IMHO.

  • bob says:

    hmm your site is great!!! i like it a lot.

  • Hemisphere says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes the black background and the white font makes for some painful times when reading through your entries.

  • Anonymous says:

    i like it the way it is but a ne layout should be fine enough, i sitll like this blog :) since it blogs most animes that i cant find anywhere else blogged :P! keep up the good wor kthough man! XD