Potemayo DVD Episode #1 — HONI HONI HONI!!!

September 27th, 2007




Apparently Potemayo is having some short episodes released with the DVDs, so at least there’s some more to be had. This is the first of hopefully five or six (or for all I know, the one and only). Honestly though, it really wasn’t that funny after the initial joke of Potemayo being huge. I mean, it was still pretty decent for the series, but 8 minutes of almost nothing but Potemayo and Sunao? Yeah… I can think of other characters I would so rather see. I mean, I’m greatful for more Potemayo, but this was honestly pretty weak.

Caps are a bit dense compared to what’s going on since the episode was so short. *shrug*

It was a morning like any other. Sunao opens his eyes to the feeling of something heavy…. a giant (naked) Potemayo on top of him.

At breakfast, Potemayo is grumpy with a HOOOOONNNNNIIIIII. Sunao wonders what happened, but tells her to not worry about it. She tries to glomp him, but ends up crushing him. SUUUU-NNNNNAAAAA-OOOOOOOO.

A bit later, Sunao is drifting to sleep in Potemayo’s giant lap. She falls asleep as well, and dreams of running on the beach with him back in her little form. In her sleep, she ends up eating his head.

She tries to follow him to buy groceries… but can’t fit through the hallway. She somehow makes it through the hallway, but then becomes wedged in the door. She struggles to get through, but Sunao tells her it’s impossible. She makes all sorts of freaky faces in the attempt.

Sunao has bought his bread and is heading home. Predictably, he passes by Mikan’s store and wonders if she can’t help him.

She interprets his slow ask as… something else and she and Yasumi flip out. Then Sunao asks them a somewhat erotic question about making things shrink which have become engorged, prompting the elephant roar that Inukami fans should be familiar with.

Eventually, he ends up at home to Potemayo still stuffed in the door and accidently blasting him away with her breath.

He makes it home and consoles her before settling back into her lap, saying that it’s fine like this. She crushes him in another giant hug.

The next day, Potemayo is back to normal, though totally naked. On the other hand… the room is now filled with about 50 naked Potemayos.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • suguru says:

    Glad to see there’s more Potemayo coming, even if it is short–hopefully there’ll be specials on the rest of the DVDs and the rest of the cast will get some screentime too.

  • Totali says:

    omg Honi Honi this makes me happy.

  • Necromancer says:

    YAY!!!!!! I’m downloading this now :D