ONE Translated / Waiting for Kenichi #48 — Fanservice Edition

September 15th, 2007

Today will be a bit late, so here’s some stuff to tide you over.

First off, ONE, my favorite of the Key/Tactics games has a translation patch out now. I will admit that the writing and art is a bit subpar compared to the later stuff, but I vastly prefer the flow of the story and that the supernatural elements are a lot more centralized and limited instead of whatever random shit Key decided to pull in from all over the place. I mean, seriously… Russian satellites in one? It’s hard to say too much more without getting spoilery, but it’s well worth checking out if you’re into the VNovel scene. Instead of the more ephemeral “what is the price of a miracle,” from Kanon, ONE explores what it means to exist, with all the girls experiencing the world and interacting with Kouhei uniquely… one’s a blind, a mute, purely acts on instinct, etc, etc. Nobody turns into a fox or is suffering from magical terminal wing-having. 

Moving on to Kenichi, which I imagine more of you care about… in 15 minutes or so, I’m driving an hour to go hang out with a ton of friends for a huge birthday party and wiffle ball and bocce and cake. Let me warn you, I am a beast at bocce. This means that I’m probably not going to be home until pretty late and Kenichi 48 will not be up until pretty late tonight or possibly tomorrow depending on my motivation and my (admittedly weak) efforts at rousing one of my minions to cover it for me hasn’t worked so far. I think I need to find a sharper stick.

To ease the pain, have a Kenichi image dump, shamelessly stolen from iwubanime on Animesuki. Yes yes, I know you’d rather see two sweaty male teenagers go at it, but this’ll have to do for now. If you’ll excuse me, there be players hatin’ the bocce throwin’ man.

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  • sage says:

    Hurray for ONE!