Nagasarete Airantou #24 — There’s No Crying on Airantou!

September 12th, 2007

Man, Suzu, grow a spine already.


Yeah, so… looks like we’re not headed for a romantic ending and instead heading for an “Ikuto settles for staying on Airantou” ending. *sigh* Hopefully Suzu will at least manage to out and out french him before he goes to Kaiyu and does whatever the hell it is that Kaiyu does. And through all this, I again make a note that there has not been a single Ayane episode. What the hell is up with that?

Anyway, I find the idea of a plot and an arc in Nagasarete to be deeply confusing and scary. Three episodes on the same thing? The Airantou Gods must be crazy. Although, if Kaiyu ended up being a Coke bottle, I would have to give up my first born child in deference to their 1980s movie trivia knowledge. Returning to whatever the hell I was talking about, who cares about Misaki? There’s a population problem on the island that needs solving well before Misaki’s in any real danger.

Everybody on the island is working as usual. Suzu wonders if Ikuto will be okay gathering water on his own when she sees a bottle with a note washed ashore.

At home, Suzu comes running in with the bottle, telling Ikuto it’s the bottle with the note he sent to Misaki. Ikuto thinks that it’s the same as he sent, but then opens it and it’s a response from his sister.

Misaki writes that they searched for him, and she misses him everyday and goes on and on at excessively length. Verbose little girl. She ends by saying that she’s going out to sea to find him too.

Ikuto and Suzu suddenly realize that she could be in danger, and Ikuto runs off to try to escape the whirlpools and keep her out of danger… to precious little success. Suzu reminds him that it’s impossible to leave the island.

From hearing Takataka fly overhead, Ikuto gets the idea to use a kite to fly over the whirlpools. Suzu lifts him aloft and he remembers his fear of heights and flips out. He soon snaps back to remembering Misaki and goes back to trying to navigate past the whirlpools.

At the shrine, Ayane is yelling at a snacking Machi when they hear Ikuto’s screaming. All over the island, people can see and hear Ikuto screaming while riding the kite and start to congregate on his location. He eventually becomes caught in a freak tornado. The kite string snaps and Ikuto washes back to shore as everybody finally makes it there.

Working together, then make a giant slingshot to shoot Ikuto past the whirlpools. As they pull Ikuto back, Chikage finally brings up that leaving the island to save his sister may have… other consequences. Like losing their only source of misplaced testasterone. Everybody, being the imbeciles that they are, is shocked, and they accidently let go of the slingshot, sending Ikuto into the tornado again and then washing ashore.

They then try to recruit Takataka, who says that leaving the island by air is impossible because of the tornado. Machi says to just leave it to her.

At her shrine, Machi is purifying Ikuto and drenches him in purifying salt. Machi tells him that she’s going to release his soul to let it fly to Misaki to warn her. Despite objections, Machi starts doing it and his soul flies out, but Ayane then harisen fan slaps him and it returns. Machi uses a steel brush on a voodoo doll to inflict her revenge.

Chikage’s the next to try to help Ikuto out. They go to her mansion and hit up the genie for help. Ikuto refuses to believe that magic exists though so gets kind of bitchy at the genie. It claims to grant his wish with a magical spell and tries to leave, but Ikuto wants proof. It agrees to grant one more wish. Ikuto thinks hard and then wishes for all of Misaki’s ills to be cured. Suzu’s a bit shocked by it.

The genie stops for a moment then says that the wish is granted. Ikuto is pissed and grabs it. It then tells him that it granted his ‘wish’ just before when he was thinking that the genie wouldn’t be able to do anything. He laments for his stupidity as Suzu looks more and more worried.

The girls start fighting over comforting Ikuto in his depression. Suzu asks them all to stop, but they’re all caught up and ignore her until she yells at them. She blurts out that none of them understand Ikuto’s heart, and then runs off.

Suzu runs past the elder, tears falling. Ikuto follows after and the elder asks him what’s going on.

At the shore, Suzu sadly looks sadly out to the shore. The elder comes up and asks her what’s wrong. Still crying, she tells about Ikuto’s wish to be with Misaki, not to save her.

Ikuto has headed back to their house and looks meaningfully at it.

The elder gives Suzu a little peptalk about Ikuto, telling her to talk to him about this. She leaves, and Suzu just keeps staring at the ocean. Finally, she gets up and walks off.

Ikuto is waiting for her at home. Tonkatsu suddenly gets excited as Suzu comes back. Ikuto runs up to her and apologizes for forgetting about her in his concern for Misaki. She says that it’s okay, Misaki is his important sister, it’s just that him leaving made her feel absolutely sick. She then takes a deep breath and says that there may be a way to leave the island.

After the ED (which came at 19 into the episode…), Suzu is telling Ikuto all about a legend from 100 years ago about someone who was able to leave the island by calming the seas.

Ikuto thinks everything happening was just a coincidence, but Suzu says that it’s something the Elder told her. Right on cue, the Elder comes up and does some crazy-ass dance that can only be described as ‘indescribable.’ She says that the legend relies on the power of a kappa. She pulls over Toona and demonstrates the everflowing water from its head.

Ikuto continues to just call Toona a turtle, resulting in his head behind eaten. Suzu says that they’ll definitely save Misaki. The elder tells them about Kaiyu-sama (Kairyuu?), somebody with the power to grant their wish if they go to him (her? it?).

In the bushes, all the girls are evilly looking on and thinking about ways to interfere for their own gains.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear says:

    Isn’t Kaiyu-sama the mysterious creature from ep1 and ep6?(if there’s another shadow appareance I don’t remember) The ending will be Misaki reaching Airantou?

  • Aroduc says:

    Pretty much my assumption too.

    And I barely even remember things that happened a month ago. :-p You could tell me there was a shadowy magical girl that transformed into a badger and I’d probably accept it.