Mushi Uta Second Season Announced

September 5th, 2007

Moon Phase reports a second set of 12 episodes airing at some point after the first 12. Sweeeeeeet.

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19 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Totali says:

    WOOOOO!!! Now the slow pacing of the show actually makes a bit more sense. I knew it didn’t feel like a 12 episode series at all. Now I really need to catch up on the episodes…more Mushi Uta love plz.

  • Ravage says:

    I like. :D
    I always found it strange how they were going to make a 12 episode series out of something with such a slow pacing.
    Let’s hope the 2nd season airs next winter or spring.

  • Hinano says:

    A 2nd season would make sense…it seems like there’s so much to cover and 12 eps just doesnt seem to be cutting it

  • Demon Eyes says:

    Great news!

    It would’ve been a waste to end it at 12 episodes.

    On another note, I saw some links to Mushi Uta and went to get them thinking them Manga and wanting to spoil myself, But was I disappointed when I found out they were novels instead!!

    All in recycle bin now!!!>_>

  • arcanes says:

    Lets hope the second season will be more consistent. I mean, not one awesome episode, and after that a low quality one :)

  • MiDEN says:

    yes! thank god! see , known it was way 2 slow X] i agree with arcanes :) lets hope for that :]s well most of the episdoes are high quality though anywAYS YAY! wonder what the ending for

  • los seeker says:

    oh my god i am so happy now!!!! :)

  • Dangan says:

    Yay! season 2, really? I love this series I don’t want it to end yet. Thank you.

  • Moogy says:

    Well, more work for us.

  • ingrid says:

    when is the second season of mushi uta airing?!

  • Aroduc says:

    Same time as Haruhi’s second season and a week after Duke Nukem Forever is released.

  • Megatron says:

    Hey… I just finished Mushi Uta and Jyu-Oh-Sei, which i highly recommend, and I’m home for the summer with not a lot to do, so I was wondering what you recommend that is like Mushi Uta… and what is Haruhi? Also, When is Duke Nukem Forever going to be release? haha, thanks!


  • negi says:

    where can download mushi uta 2?

  • ana says:

    hey. really where we can download Muszi uta 2?????

  • lili says:

    1. I really want to watch it
    2. haruhi mean The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya i think

  • siekon says:

    when does the second season will come out

  • mysterious says:

    when is it gonna come out

  • geoneo09 says:

    really going to come out?
    i hope, for the second season,
    it has been too long the wait.
    If anyone know something more about the show, i would like to know.

  • usui takumi says:

    i love this series and I don’t want it to end yet.its give me some great feeling.hope got season 2