Mushi Uta #11 — Is That a Horn in Your Gut?

September 28th, 2007


Or are you just happy t–*grrk*

<Aroduc> Didn’t I ask you to at least cap Mushi Uta for me?
<AceyDeeCee82> You meant this week?
<Aroduc> That’s it. I’m selling you to the Swedish porn industry.

Yeah, sorry. Someone was supposed to deal with this as I was off enjoying a barbecue and Heroes and The Office, but apparently I’m the only one who can be trusted around here. So now it’s late, I’m kind of hopped up on cake and coffee, and I just watched 8 minutes about a 2000 pound cat beast. Let’s see how all this combines to make a Mushi Uta post filled with deaths and chaos.


Clearance week at Mushi Uta! As many characters killed as you want! No extra cost! And now, for a limited time only, five minutes of strange pretentious nonsense thrown in for free!

I kid, it was a pretty intense episode, though I’m really sorrt to see Minmin go and very likely Rina as well, though I’m not 100% convinced that she’s going to Fallenville just yet because of all the shots of giant demon Nanahoshi, Rina was never shown absorbed into it like Centi. Nobody is really shocked by uber-evil teacher and her quest to eat dreams, nor Haji’s little make believe playpen called Garden. I’ll be honest, my Japanese starts to fail pretty badly the more strange and metaphorical the conversations start becoming, and Haji’s little pretend world is up there with the freakishly bizarre. *shrug* At any rate, he’s keeping people like cattle. That’s the important thing and it makes Rina sad. I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t toss Centi and Asami in there to really flip her out. Maybe they’ll do it to make her come back to her senses to get shot next episode.

I also have to say that I do find it rather funny that the Winter Firefly pretty much just made it snow at Minmin’s Mushi… and the blizzard killed it. Oops. Sorry Minmin, probably should have picked a better fight, or at least had an attack strategy better than “stand there and wait to die.”

Rina wakes up, wondering where she is. As she looks down, she sees all the bodies of the Fallen below her and screams.

After the OP, she’s running up a stairway towards a door of light. At the top of it, she walks out into Ouka station’s courtyard, still decorated for Christmas. None of the people are moving at all or respond when she reaches out to them. She wonders if this is Garden.

Shiika is surveying Rina’s blown out apartment. A voice startles her and she turns to see EVIL TEACHER.

Rina wonders what the meaning of this area is. Haji walks up and formally welcomes Tachibana Rina… Ladybird to Garden. He tells her that it’s a place made to house them.

She demands the true nature of Mushi users and why they have to kill them or she’ll kill him and summons her ladybug to threaten him. Haji instead goes into a long speech about Mushi are invaders, prey on humans and are here to feed on humans etc etc etc. 

Finally he comes to the Winter Firefly. He thinks that she might be some kind of monster honestly, and that kind of monster is one of her companions. He wonders if she’s the same kind of monster. Rina yells at him to shut up.

He raises his hand and the fallen all wander off, replaced by SEPB’s Mushi using warriors.

Back in Rina’s apartment, the teacher corners Shiika and asks what her dream might be. At this point, she’s floating in the air. Shiika sinks to the ground as evil teacher transforms before her eyes into something nearly demonic. She says how delicious the dreams were. Shiika tries to ask what she wants.

The teacher floats forward going on and on about delicious dreams and that’s all she’s really looking for. Shiika’s dream will be really delicious to her because it’s so precious.

Shiika gets up and finally gets defiant, saying that she won’t let her dream be eaten. The teacher keeps going on about how delicious it’ll be and sprouts moth wings. As she flies off, a beetle busts through the wall. Shiika’s Winter Firefly appears between them and tells her to not be afraid.

The Winter Firefly attacks, trashing the entire apartment. Minmin swoops in and saves Shiika from the disaster, saying that everything is fine. Unfortunately for Shiika, she continues… saying that Shiika has to do something for her… Firefly-chan.

Shiika backs off in fright as Minmin starts going on about how much of a hassle the Winter Firefly has been for everybody and how much she would stand to gain by dealing with that problem.

Shiika tries to run away, but the beetle dude from waaaaay back in episode 1 blocks her escape and Minmin calls her an idiot as her bug attacks.

In Garden, Rina is fighting with all the Mushi grunts and winning for now now. Rina grins in the fight and then flies above and attacks the air. Her expression keeps getting darker as the fight continues. Haji signals and the grunts back off, letting the copters… yes, copters… missile her. They knock her out of the sky, but Nanahoshi yanks them down. They start firing again as Rina smirks and she keeps running.

The fight continues with Rina having Nanohoshi headbutt a copter near Haji. She’s about to close in when she suddenly feels a sharp pain and then realizes that Nanohoshi has nearly matured enough to eat her dream. She talks it down and its eyes revert. She turns back to the fight.

Minmin was having a blast trying to attack Shiika. She goes for the finishing blow, but the Winter Firefly blocks it. Minmin says that she’ll finally get serious.

Rina is still holding her own, but Haji declares checkmate as he calls a giant swarm of Mushi to fill the skies. They all fire down on Rina and Nanahoshi. Rina hides beneath Nanahoshi, but its eyes are flashing between the red berserker and blue stable modes. She orders it to attack and it crashes into the debris below Haji, knocking him down. She stands over him, saying that this is the end.

She falls back as Nanahoshi’s eyes flare. She’s having trouble walking now. Haji says that it’s too bad as she and Nanahoshi tumble into a pit. As she falls she sees a sunset.

Garden is rocked as four huge legs erupt from the ground and carry Nanahoshi back to the surface. It starts rampaging around. Haji is almost killed by falling debris, but Kakkou is there to save him. He thinks to himself that Rina’s lost her dream now. Haji leaves it to Kakkou to take care of this. Kakkou walks to face Nanahoshi.

Shiika and Rina’s fight has finished. Minmin’s mushi is crumbling in the snow. She asks Haji to save her as she collapses and her eyes go dead. The Winter Firefly says that it had to happen. Shiika tells her to stop, but the Winter Firefly’s eyes are also glowing red in berserk mode. It doesn’t stop until Shiika hugs it close.

The Winter Firefly is splashed with blood. Beetle boy has stabbed Shiika from behind. She calls out to Rina, Daisuke, and Kakkou as she falls. The Winter Firefly screams in rage and its eyes blaze red.

Daisuke has fused with Kakkou even more. It now covers half his face. He fires upwards, demanding Nanahoshi return Rina’s dream. From above Garden, EVIL TEACHER watches with glee. Nanahoshi tosses some random building at Daisuke. Kakkou covers him more and more. EVIL TEACHER shifts to full-on giant moth mode as she says how delicious all this is.

Nanahoshi erupts upwards, turning into a female-ish person looking behemoth.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kresnik says:

    Wow, this show is getting even better..

  • Moogy says:

    Fucking sweet. I can’t wait to sub this episode!

    But if everyone dies, what are we going to see in season 2!?

    Hopefully it won’t be a Nice Boat end.

  • Jess says:

    i wonder what the season 2 is for when everyone seems to be dead for sure now.

  • Demon Eyes says:

    Wait…That Giant was Nanahoshi?

    I thought for sure it was teh Evil \teacher…

    Oh well

    This is more inviting than that anyway…

  • Dangan says:

    why is Daisuke is still in that stupid fight for Rina? He suppose to be there to save Shika! Shika, please don’t die.

  • Chaos2Frozen says:

    Fuyuhotaru’s ability is that whatever her snow touches gets destroyed :) Recall back in the flashback when Shiika first met Kakkou? She said,

    “Ever since it started snowing, nobody was able to come near me… Except you.”

    It seems though that it’s effectiveness varies from different objects… Including humans.