Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS #23 — Oh How They Grow Up

September 2nd, 2007

And yes, Vita is still sitting in a corner somewhere, bleeding.

The sound on this raw was terrible. Some of the summary may be quite off because it was occasionally really difficult to even differentiate words, let alone understand them. 


A very quality episode, and it was great to see Teana clean house. I’ll go ahead and rip her scenes in a little bit. The Subaru vs Ginga fight was also alright, not great due to the excessive flashbacks thrown in there, but it ended rather well, and that seriously looked like it hurt. I probably could have done without Uber-Evil Vivio though. Didn’t we have that happen last season? Oh well, she looks pretty good in her battle outfit at least.


Teana’s Fight

Subaru vs Ginga (minus all the cutaways)


The attack on the Cradle continues. Nanoha still rushes through the corridors, nearing her target. Dieci waits to confront her, thinking that it’s like a mother coming to save her child. She starts counting down to fire. Nanoha turns the corner at “1”, and the two both fire their shots, Nanoha releases a limit and her Excellion Buster crushes Dieci’s shot and blasts her away. Before Dieci can recover, Nanoha binds her. Dieci wonders if this kind of power is even human. Nanoha also seals Dieci’s cannon before rushing off.

Nanoha keeps going, but she was injured in the last fight and is bleeding from her hand. In the throne room, Quattro is watching her progress with amusement. She taunts Vivio a little bit as Nanoha blasts open the door. Quattro welcomes her to the throne room and congratulates her on getting here. She calls up all viewscreens of all the others in their various troubles. She then turns to stroke Vivio’s cheek and Nanoha tries to blast her. It was just an illusion though, and Quattro turns up the electricity on Vivio. She starts screaming and Nanoha rushes forward, but is pushed backwards by a rainbow force.

Quattro says that it’s the same ability Vivio used to protect herself from the drones way WAY back when she was in the sewer, and what they expected would protect her when they fired on Storm Raider way back when as well. It’s her Holy Emperor’s Armor or some such. It was really hard to understand Quattro with the static and Vivio whimpering.

Vivio and Nanoha start yelling to eachother as the rainbow light glows brighter and brighter. Finally, it fades and Vivio is released. She’s floating above the throne as Quattro talks to her about the mother who wouldn’t save her. Nanoha’s words are silent to her. Vivio cries out and is covered in a black battle suit. The rainbow colors then shatter, and bitchy adult Vivio floats in front of Nanoha. She asks what Nanoha did with her real mama. Nanoha tries to tell her that it’s her, but Vivio won’t accept it and demands Nanoha return her mother to her as she releases a massive amount of energy. Nanoha charges Raging Heart and gets ready to blast her.

Commander Nakajima is with the ground forces… who are not doing particularly well. They’re no match for the drones or the cyborgs.

Otto keeps working on her recon, surrounded by drones. Inside, the Numbers are fighting tons of Teana clones. They’re having troubles finding her though until they manage to pinpoint her location from outside. Cross Mirage warns Teana that they’re closing in, so Teana figures out her last plan.

The Numbers all bust in. Teana uses her daggers to block Deed, but Nove leaps in to attack. Wendi fires at an escaping Tea, but it was just an illusion. They look through the dust to find her and Nove notices that Tea took out her rollerblade, and is standing ready to fight her instead of running. They know that this is the real Tea and surround her, getting ready to attack.

In the past, Subaru is out in the yard, crying. Ginga and Quint run out to her and bandage up her knees. Quint gives her a friendly headbutt while saying how much she and her sister care for her. A little later, the two are being checked up in the lab while Quint watches on. Their genetic structure is curiously similar to Quint’s for some reason. Still later yet, Ginga is shadow boxing while Subaru watches. Subaru thinks that their power scary, so she hates it. Ginga tells her to use it for their parents though.

Fading into the present, Ginga has Subaru by the neck. Subaru struggles and Ginga moves behind her. Ginga then simply tosses her and follows up with a one-two massive uppercut combo, sending Subaru flying. As she’s in the air, she thinks that’s it’s impossible after all.

We move into another flashback of Subaru having lunch with them all. Subaru says that she wants to be more like Nanoha. Nanoha says that she really will become stronger and better.

Back in the present… again… Ginga makes a Wing Road and is about to slam Subaru to the ground when Subaru makes her own Wing Road and kicks Ginga’s punch away, and then forces her backwards. Subaru’s eyes were totally dead, but they fade back into life. Mach Calibur gives Subaru a quick peptalk, saying that at some point Subaru taught it the reason for being here.

MOVING ONTO A THIRD FLASHBACK, Subaru is back at lunch with the others, thanking Mach Calibur for saving her and for all their work together.

Once more into the present, Subaru has come to accept her power and is ready to fight for real. Mach Calibur responds with “Allright, buddy,” which doesn’t have the same ring as “Yeah, boss” but is close enough. Mach Calibur loads a few cartridges and Subaru goes into Full Drive, using her Excellion and sprouting wings from her feet.

Otto is watching her drones being destroyed. She then notices Storm Raider. Suddenly, all the drones around her are destroyed and she’s bound. Shamal and Zafira are there to take her down. Otto breaks the chains, but Zafira roars and traps her again.

With Otto down, the barrier around Tea’s building drops as well. They immediately know something’s wrong with Otto and all three get ready to attack. Teana takes the opportunity and fires at all three, destroying Wendi’s weapon, blocking Deed, who was attacking from behind, and then using her Crossfire Shots to knock out Wendi and Deed. Only Nove’s left, who she points her gun at and tells to surrender.

Subaru is finally ready to fight Ginga for real. They charge together again and again, but they’re evenly matched so far. Both load more cartridges and they collide one more time. Subaru doesn’t block Ginga’s drill and lets her barrier take it. Subaru charges a blast as she leans into the drill. Both barriers break and Ginga’s drill barely grazes Subaru’s head. Subaru brings her free hand into play and Divine Busters Ginga at point blank range. Poor Ginga.

Signum is still fighting drones outside TSAB. Inside the building, Regius is with his mini-harem of secretaries when Zest breaks in. The bitchy woman is shocked. Signum is trying to get there, but Agito has a barrier up around the area. Signum attacks, and breaks the barrier, but leaves Agito unharmed. She unfuses from Rein.

At Regius’ office, Zest wants to hear it straight from Regius who is responsible for all their deaths as he throws an old picture on the desks. He asks what ever happened to their justice.

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20 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear says:

    OMG!!! That Vivio sure is a great menace. Teana did well fighting the numbers, that was amazing, I think she will “level up” after this.

  • dunowho says:

    eh, otto is a girl ah?

  • Hemisphere says:

    “At Regius’ office, Zest wants to hear it straight from Zest…”

    Sorry, I loled at this one.

    Damn, the more I see Quattro, the more she pisses me off.

  • Keboard Smash adjlk;f says:

    Teana was just fucking awesome in this episode~! LIKE UBER AWESOME! LIKE BLINDING SUNLIGHT AWESOME! Don’t you agree Aroduc?

  • bob says:

    what is bardiche’s new form

  • loki says:

    the strikers are back ^^ Teana sure is amazing afterall and subaru last fight with Ginga is excellent

  • Akira says:

    Yeah Teana is totally awesome in this episode

    Subara’s fight really wasn’t as interesting with all the feedbacks

    I wonder what is happening with Caro and Erio’s battle
    How about Fate?

    Nanoha’s situation, where Vivio turning evil and into a grown up really, reminds me of “Black Lady” from SMR

    Can’t wait for the last 3 episode. Hope they won’t have as many talking or flashbacks.
    Less Talking more action would totally be awesome

  • Fencedude says:

    Its worth noting that in that picture Zest threw on the table you can clearly see Quint and someone who just HAS to be Lutecia’s mom.

  • TKHM says:

    Heh, Teana always aims for the head.

    Forget befriending, headshot FTW.

  • Squabie says:

    I thought it was funny that Mach Caliber was auto-attacking for Subaru and probably will one day control her completely. It must be taking tips from RH on Intelligent Device supremacy.

    I for one welcome our new sentient magical weapon overlords.

  • Troyden says:

    An impressive episode.willing be waiting for starlight-breaker and fate-san highest form, countdown 3episode (:

  • sage says:

    Wow. StrikerS, how original… /sarcasm

    Didn’t I see that one argument way before on Sailor Moon?

  • Frankenstein's Clare says:

    Not to piss in Teana’s ninja cheerios, but don’t the combat cyborgs have barrier jackets too? You know, that armor everybody in the damn show wears so they can’t be taken out by a well-placed shot from a small fry?

    I seem to recall Signum taking a plasma lancer shot to the face with no ill effects in A’s.

  • someone... says:

    it was SOOOOO COOOOLLLL using Teana’s transformation song during the fight!

  • longhaul says:

    >Not to piss in Teana’s ninja cheerios, but don’t the combat cyborgs have barrier jackets too? You know, that armor everybody in the damn show wears so they can’t be taken out by a well-placed shot from a small fry?

    tl:dr answer, no and teana is probably something like AA ranked by this point in time

  • aburn says:

    >Not to piss in Teana’s ninja cheerios, but don’t the combat cyborgs have barrier jackets too? You know, that armor everybody in the damn show wears so they can’t be taken out by a well-placed shot from a small fry?

    Teana’s default ammo vs drones and Combat Cyborgs is a magically reinforced anti-armour spell. Barrier Jackets aren’t much use against it.

    In fact, Teana was down to her underwear when Nanoha used it against her >_

  • shofo says:

    You know what I think will happen?

    Because Vivio doesn’t believe that Nanoha is actually “Nanoha-mama”, I think she will try to convince her and even power down to show her in her, I guess you can say, natural state, to show Vivio that it’s really her. Vivio never saw Nanoha in her transformation dress and all that stuff so maybe her being in her civilian clothing will convince Vivio but of course, she’s not gonna hurt Vivio so she’ll probably take some blasts and stuff.

  • I R Having Sex With Fate At This Momeny says:


    I HEAR…. FATE SONIC FORM (or another form…0! And a new Bardiche Assault Form….

  • shadow says:

    The girls are fighting ? only are talking boring fights

  • someone... says:

    the fighting scenes are pretty original, but the storyline is starting to turn out quite familiar. like Vivo asking Nanoha what she has done to her mother… where have I seen that before?