Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #19 — Loli Go Boom

August 30th, 2007

Hooray! Marie’s back!

Sorry for the delay. I lack access to the router at this house, so I can’t use Share and am reliant on torrents appearing so… bleh. I think I’ve got it solved for this week and the future though, so… my fingers are crossed. 


Well, Marie is back, and we get about 30 seconds of a decent fightscene out of the episode, but that’s about all positive I can say. Flashbacks within flashbacks to things that happened all of two minutes prior. Lots and lots and lots of bullshitting on and on about justice and truth and being a good little boy, and the hints that Maria isn’t human have reached the 100 ton cluehammer stage. The fact that there’s currently not really a villain present at the moment, and an even larger clusterfuck of heroes doesn’t really excite me. Not to mention that next episode is apparently all about whiney whiney Daigo.


Narutaki talks to Hiyuu et all about Hiyuu’s father and Narutaki’s confrontation with Yagyu. Mibu butts in and demands to know what was going on with the fake Narutaki. The elder people say that even though they defeated all the baddies, this isn’t over. Somebody is still manipulating things from the shadows… Yagyu Munetaku.  

No OP this week.

Later, Inugami is chatting with his rabbits. Anko spazzes out over some strawberries that Kyouichi is carrying. She tries to grab them from him, but she’s too short to grab them. Aoi watches from a walkway above and we get a flashback to what we just left 30 seconds ago. Oooookay.

The conversation about Yagyu continues. They confirm that Yagyu is definitely the enemy, and Kyouichi says that this sounds interesting. Komaki and Aoi say that for this to end, Yagyu must be stopped.

After a brief return to the strawberries, we’re back in a flashback with Ikon and Kyouichi saying goodbye. Narutaki and Hiyuu talk a little bit about how things have been manipulated and Mibu thinks about his mother. We then get the three elders talking about the past and a flashback within a flashback of young Hiyuu growing up. They continue on… at length… ending with saying that they’ll believe in the kiddos and justice and whatnot.

At Mibu’s mother’s hospital room, he basically aplogizes to her. We see yet another flashback of young Mibu getting pissed at the doctors for not doing more. He sits alone in his room as he thinks about all the things adults said and how little care they had for his mother. Back in the first level of the flashback, Mibu asks Narutaki for a favor.

Finally back in current times and back on the school, a broadcast is calling for Maria. Hiyuu and Aoi look over the courtyard and share a bit of a moment, but Aoi stops herself before she says anything and they leave it until tomorrow. Below… motherfucking freakily bug eyed Maria is watching them.

Mibu is walking through the city, thinking about Aoi bitching him out. We get another flashback to Mibu asking a favor again, but this time, we get to hear what it was… Mibu wants to fight Hiyuu.

At school, Aoi hears Maria’s voice asking about Hiyuu and what they’re doing, but Aoi can’t find her. Maria suddenly appears behind her, and like a good little girl, Aoi trots off. Inugami was lurking in the stairway.

Hiyuu is wandering through town and remembers the dead girl from the past. A woman’s voice starts echoing in his mind, asking about all his friends and we see shots of pretty much the entire cast of good guys in various states of fun or activity and wonders if it’s okay

He’s suddenly attacked in an explosion and leaps away. A cat meows at him, held by Marie. He says that he’s happy she’s okay, but she tells him to shut up and that she’s going to kill him for what he did to Yagyu. We see quick flashbacks of a lab where a girl is being experimented on. She manages to escape and is crawling through the snow when Yagyu finds her and takes her in.

She starts causing explosions all over the place and reverts to her bug eyed monster form. Hiyuu is able to dodge pretty easily though, and she starts crying, but he says that he’d rather be her friend. He gets up and leaves, saying that he was happy that she was okay, and it’s sad to lose people you know.

Once he’s gone, Marie is smiling to herself and thinking about Hiyuu. That was a quick turnaround in attitude. Her cat suddenly opens one eye and it turns demonic. Marie keeps blushing over what to call her new boytoy Hiyuu while the cat teleports away.

On a beach, Mibu and Hiyuu are talking about justice and whatnot and who was in the right in their fight. Mibu straightens up and says that it’s time to settle things with Hiyuu. This time, Mibu will fight for real. They both get ready to fight, but we get to see another flashback of sad kiddo Hiyuu with his adoptive father. His adoptive mother and father both say that he has power and he should use it to seek happiness and then to protect the people around him.

Hiyuu and Mibu start fighting. Mibu knocks Hiyuu into a lighthouse and then chases after him. I guess they got the symmetrical violence out of their system. Both throw punches at eachother with Hiyuu landing a deep blow on Mibu’s chest. That’s enough for them, and they stop fighting. As he leaves, Hiyuu says that he gets his strength from his wish to protect everybody.

Narutaki, who had been watching the whole time, comes up and says that Hiyuu uses the same style as his father, with the desire to protect everybody as well. Yawn. Kyouichi was apparently watching the duel from a tree as well.

Mibu and Narutaki continue their talk about Hiyuu down on the beach. Mibu and Narutaki sort of complain back and forth at eachother about truth and justice, right and wrong, etc etc. I think I stopped paying attention when Narutaki said truth is justice. We do see that Mibu’s mother was moved to the protagonist hospital as a favor from Narutaki.

Daigo is also moping at his old gang hideout, apologizing to his friends hat and asking to be forgiven. He starts bawling like a child, and Komaki, who was standing outside runs off.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yuki says:

    Aww…. Hiyuu looks soo sad -hugs him-

  • Metaloid says:

    Wow..Hiyuu and Aoi moments, Marie falling for Hiyuu. An emmotional Hiyuu.. Looks like a great episode to me.

  • rea says:

    Young Hiyuu is so cute. It makes you want to hug him.

  • LazyMcChan says:

    It was far too talky. Everyone moping around is far too uninteresting. Yes Hiyuu is cute, him and Aoi are even way cuter but they should get the show on the road.

  • miden says:

    agree’d LAzy :s