Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #18 — Betrayal and Revelation

August 19th, 2007

Silly bad guys. Don’t you know to not immediately betray all your allies?


There was a lot going on this episode, but a very healthy chunk of it was pretty nonsensical. I think the low point was Ukon being defeated by the power of Kyouichi standing there, though Mibu’s mutant healing ability is a close second and Doushin’s mutant healing ability is a close third. Maybe it’s just impossible to kill the Tokyo Majin characters by impaling. He went from having about 4 holes in him and being pinned to a boulder, to perfectly fine in a matter of seconds. I’m also a bit annoyed at the whole “all of this was fake!” ending to this little fight/mini-arc. Bah, says I!


Years and years ago, Yagyu and Narutaki fought at a waterfall to avenge a man named Genma. Narutaki was cut down and fell down the cliff.

Back in the present day, Ukon and Kyouichi are getting ready to fight. Kyouichi tells the others to leave it to him. Ukon’s a bit doubtful, but sees Kyouichi’s new sword and takes his stance.

Everybody else is still fighting the endless origami dolls, including a now recovered Daigo (wasn’t he shot and KOed at the end of the last episode?). Mibu and Hiyuu also continue their perfectly symmetrical violence.

Iwayama notes that despite the skies being crowded with the origami demon things, normal people can’t see them at all. Somebody walks up to her shock.

Kyouichi and Ukon continue staring at eachother while other people actually fight. Raito saves Doushin from a massive whale origami critter. Kyouichi and Ukon CONTINUE to stare at eachother, with Ukon’s breathing becoming heavier and heavier. He finally charges Kyouichi, but stops a few steps away, and then declares that Kyouichi has bested him and may do with him as he wishes. That was the worst fight ever.

Everybody continues their fights with Kyouichi and Ukon now also killing the silly shikigami too. They finally use a huge spell to blast them all, and Raito declares victory, but one with a bow appears behind him. It fires and Doushin blocks the arrows with his own body before one of the priestesses cuts it up.

Apparently somewhere else on the battlefield, Komaki tells Aoi to go after Hiyuu, leaving Daigo to apologize to Komaki. She welcomes him back to reality before smiling at him and says that they need to go.

Hiyuu and Mibu are still engaging in their perfectly symmetrical violence when Aoi shows up, perfectly ready for battle in her kimono, minus a weapon. She chews out Mibu for attacking them and having a heart full of evil and whatnot. He yells at her to shut up, but she of course won’t. Mibu goes off into his own speech about how what he’s doing is neccessary as everybody else shows up, including Ukon who waves at him.

Aoi gets in his face and keeps yelling at him until Narutaki shows up. Suddenly everything goes stormy and dark. Hiyuu and Mibu, despite the last 20 minutes of throwing the same punches and kicks at eachother, are shocked that both had the same teacher.

As Hiyuu tries to understand why Narutaki went evil, the shadows deepen and thicken until darkness overtakes everybody.

Amongst pinwheels, Doushin and whose-his-face the other old man see a wounded Genma pouring blood from his gut.

The miko see visions of them fighting eachother out of jealousy. The other one is seeing a vision of the opposite. Raito is seeing a vision of Crowbow backto life and with giant hollow eyes. As they’re seeing these visions, the origami are engulfing them.

Hiyuu and Mibu are in the real world still. As are Kyouichi, Ukon, Komaki, Daigo and Aoi. Daigo and Komaki immediately get sealed up by the paper they’re standing on. Aoi is attacked, but Kisaragi saves her. Kyouichi and Ukon are surrounded, but they get ready to fight and useless Komaki/Daigo get crushed.

Kisaragi was apparently eaten by one of them and is seeing a vision of his grandfather about to attackhim with a wife. Aoi is trying to free him from his paper prison, but is nearly attacked when Kyouichi and Ukon save her butt.

Hiyuu and Mibu are partially trapped, but facing of against eachother still.

Iwayama is creating some barrier using a Buddhist artifact with the help of the other two.

Narutaki tells Hiyuu that the two old men were the ones that let Genma, their companion, die andthrow his life away in order to take him in.Narutaki was the one who tried to save him… and then drops the ‘bombshell’ that Genma was Hiyuu’s father. Hiyuu drops to his knees in agony while  Narutaki stands on his head.

As Narutaki continues to goad him, visions of the other two try to get through to him. Narutaki keeps yelling at him that the people around him are the true monsters, but tells Mibu to finish him off for his dead mother. Mibu is a bit too stunned to do much of anything and refuses.

The spell Iwayama was casting finally starts to kick in apparently and the origami trap things start weakening enough for people to break out of them. Narutaki says that he’ll just deal with Hiyuu himself then, takes off his glasses, and happy funtime tentacles crawl out his eye sockets and ears.

The first thing he does is attack Mibu, impaling him and pinning him to a nearby rock. Hiyuu continues to hallucinate, seeing an image of children dancing around him until the yells of his friends break through. He reaches up and sees an image of his adoptive parents, as well as all the four current friends all telling him that he’s Tatsuma Hiyuu.

Narutaki is continuing to impale Mibu, his tentacles being especially squirmy when he’s suddenly coldcocked by Hiyuu. Narutaki taunts Hiyuu a bit more before trying to move in for the killing blow… only to be coldcocked again by… Narutaki. The nurse barrier spell finally takes full effect and the darkness is dispelled. Everybody is shocked as we see that the tentacle Narutaki was a paper illusion, as was the Magatsu that was jailed.

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