Potemayo #15 & 16 — Mochi Mochi on the Run

August 24th, 2007

Guchuko has enough wrath for everybody to get a piece.

You know what? I’m really going to piss some of you off next week, as it’s a 3 episode chunk. Take that, suckers.  


There was a lot of Guchuko this episode, which I always love, but most of it felt pretty phoned in. Still, I did laugh at the girls flipping their puzzle and Guchuko’s wrath when Kyo was threatened. A minimal amount of Mikan also helped the episode along. I really couldn’t care less about the new character though, unless it means someone else for Guchuko to torment. Still, she already has Kyo and her Wile E. Coyote mother.


Potemayo has 300 yen and is trying to think of what to buy. First she wants a 23000000 yen car… then an even more expensive house. She is not exactly a crafty consumer. Sunao sits down and asks her to go buy them some food. He sends her off, and it takes about five seconds before she’s chasing some truck instead.

The three girls are on a picnic. One of them brought a jigsaw puzzle for some reason.

Potemayo continues on her merry way. She’s stomped out of nowhere by Guchuko who is being chased by some kid in a weird getup. Guchuko leaps to a roof and the kid/Potemayo start yelling at her. Guchuko whips out a couple spikey ball things and clocks the two others in the face with them.

The chase is on again. Guchuko leads them through shrubbery. She escapes unscathed, but the other two are covered in crap.

The girls are nearly finished with the puzzle, just a few pieces left. Then Guchuko and crew come storming through and destroy it.

Guchuko keeps running, but then comes to a sudden stop. The two stop next to her and see a big angry dog off its chain.

Back at the picnic, the girls are looking at some especially pathetic rice… and the chase people crash through it again. They finally come to an alley. Guchuko and the kid scramble over the wall fine, but Potemayo faceplants, and barely manages to scrabble over the wall before the dog gets her.

After relaxing for a moment, Guchuko takes off again. This time, Guchuko leaps into a river. The kid stops at the stairway, but Potemayo dives in right after her. Guchuko nearly reaches the edge, but then turns at a right angle. Potemayo does the same, but collides with a rock that Guchuko is sitting on. The kid runs to Potemayo’s aid, but they lose Guchuko in the process.

It doesn’t take long for them to find her again, but this time, they just lurk and watch. Guchuko goes into the front yard of a house and starts leaving those spiked fruits (pretty sure they’re chestnuts) on the doorstep. The door opens and she runs off. Kyo and her mother are there and happy with the surprise. Kyo heads over to Guchuko’s hiding bush and thanks her, making her turn red and collapse.

The kid and Potemayo decide to leave Guchuko for now. Somehow divining that Potemayo needs to go to the convenience store, she gets sent on her way… and is distracted by the same truck immediately. A yellow fruit then lands on the girl’s head and Guchuko comes over to grab it… and the chase is back.

The puzzle is nearly finished again. Only three pieces left, which the girls all have. They look left and right to make sure it’s safe. Nothing. They hear a yell and see the girl and Guchuko running straight at them. The middle girl picks up the puzzle and flips it over to prevent the inevitable… but Guchuko turns and runs off into the bushes.

Guchuko is back on a roof being yelled at. She drops the freaky fruit and the kid catches it. She yells thank you and the two part ways finally.

Sunao wonders what is taking so long for Potemayo. A delivery man drives up on his rascal and asks for 400 yen for their special hot bread that he delivered with Potemayo.

The next morning, Sunao is eating the bread as toast. He thanks Potemayo, and gives her her purse. There’s an extra 200 yen in there and he says that it only cost 100 yen for special service and shushes the chicken.

At doofy girl’s house, Guchuko has left an offering of a dead frog and a not-quite-dead snake.

Side B brings Mikan (boo). As Yasumi and her are doing their bathroom activities… brushing teeth and fixing hair, Yasumi starts poking her back to annoy her. She turns to hit him and he pokes her chest… but she gets smacked for it and he sequesters himself in his room out of shame.

At the Sunao house, the glass door has frosted over. Sunao draws a cat face in the moisture… I have no idea what Potemayo was trying to draw.

Kyo is enjoying tea with Nene and her brothers. Sort of. They’re sitting at opposite ends of the table and Nene’s brothers are spazzing out over her. She eventually sends the left spazzy brother to drive Mudo and his lackey off somewhere (didn’t catch it… apologies).

At class, Mudo and his crony are late because Nene’s brother had no clue what he was doing after all.

Mudo remembers how he got stuck with all this, and tells his friend it’s a secret, not wanting the world to know that he really like Potemayo. A little later, Potemayo hops up on Mudo’s desk looking for Sunao. He tries to pet her, but she chomps on his entire hand.

Later in class, it’s started snowing and everybody is watching that instead of paying attention to class. It gets even worse when they can hear other people outside and playing in the snow.

Class finally ends and then open the window to take it in. Potemayo leaps out the window… forgetting that they’re on the second or third floor and ends up in the nurse’s office.

Everybody else is outside. Kyo makes a snowball and starts a snowball fight. Mudo hits her from behind, but justice comes swiftly in the form of Guchuko and she cleans house, crushing all of Kyo’s aggressors. As she looks for her next target, Nene hits Guchuko with a snowball. Guchuko chases after her, but Nene just spins away.

The teacher comes out to see the girls running away from someone. He tells them to knock it off already or they’ll all catch colds.

Mudo and crony are cleaning themselves off when Mudo sees Nene drying her hair and is suddenly struck with how good looking she can be. He offers her his towel, but she demands their clothes to keep warm instead.

At the nurse’s office, Potemayo is freezing and her clothes are still wet, so Sunao bares his manly chest to let Potemayo leap in to keep warm on the walk home. Potemayo freaks out and she wets herself.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Pixy Misa says:

    A wonderful episode. Potemayo is the best thing going at the moment.

  • Decagon says:

    Mm.. Yasumi locked himself in the bathroom after he poked his sister’s chest. Why would a guy lock himself in a bathroom? I feel sorry for Mikan :(