Mushi Uta #08 — The Price of Power

August 23rd, 2007

And the trio is down to two.


So, C’s power is similar to Asami’s. Another great episode. Asami bites it, and the idiot yankee grunt of Kasuou’s also bites it. Kakkou is apparently unaccounted for, but C seems to like him enough that I imagine she pulled him out or at least made sure that he was safe from being killed by Kasuou before following her. I did really like how they handled the end of the Asami arc and how sudden her ‘death’ was. Kasuou is quite the bitch. I’m rather curious why Shi is even with Kasuou, as she seems to be pretty happy and taken with Daisuke (who isn’t?) while Kasuou seems rather insane. I still want to know what the hell happened between episode 4 and 5 though.


At Daisuke’s house, he’s receiving a call from Haji about a classmate of his… the new mushi user, Asami. He’s surprised, but immediately changes and rushes to her place.

At the clubhouse, she’s just fallen out of the computer. Kasuou and crew appear behind her and say that they’ve found the mushi user. C steps up and introduces them while sprouting moth (butterfly?) wings behind her head and says that Asami needs to come with her. Kasuou kind of goes somewhat insane and says that she’s going to kill her mushi, freaking out Asami and making her run.

On the train, Rina receives a call from Shiika. Shiika tells her that Asami is a mushi user, but Rina says that she already knew. Shiika wants to look for Asami with Rina, but Rina says to leave it to her. Shiika apologizes silently to Asami for breaking her promise.

Back at the school, Asami yells for somebody to save her, but there’s nobody there except Kasuou’s trio. Asami keeps running through the school. She seems to lose them, but they guy’s shadow keeps appearing around corners. She trips, and his shadow fades into him. She grabs a fire extinguisher and throws it at him.

Asami manages to escape outside, but the gate is closed and locked. She eventually comes to a stop in the courtyard where the guy appears behind her and grabs her. She knocks him off, but runs headlong into Kasuou and C. Panicked, she runs again.

Finally, she comes to the roof where she’s cornered. Kasuou appears above her with an evil grin and the demon hands below her. Kasuou keeps taunting her while Asami holds up her camera as a threat. The guy slaps the camera away, but Asami, the guy and Kasuou are pulled into the electronic world.

Asami thinks that she’s safe, but then Kasuou and doofus (Kirikiri?) appear and the chase continues. Asami tries to fly away, but doofus starts shooting crap at her and slashes her arm open. She fights back with the pictures, each one forcing the pictures onto Kasuou and the twit (ie, a picture of the ocean soaks Kasuou). Kasuou gets pulled into one, and they lose track of her.

Asami comes again to the picture of Ladybird. She moves to the other side and clearly sees that it’s Ladybird. The picture suddenly shatters and the doofus appears again.

In the real world, C is trying to figure out what happened. Kakkou appears behind her and asks what happened to her allies. C says that she’ll help Kakkou, and films him with the camera, sucking him into the digital world too.

Asami continues to be chased by the douche. She tries to teleport between pictures to escape, but he grazes her ankle with a shot as well and she falls. He says that he’s going to finish her off, and his mushi shoots.

Kakkou catches the spike before it can hit her, and Kirikiri says that he’ll kill him as well. He tries to attack, but Kakkou blocks the shots and then throws the spike into Kirikiri’s mushi, killing it and turning him into a fallen. Asami is scared of him too though and runs off.

Kasuou finally catches up to him and swears her revenge. A picture starts to drift between them and Kasuou remembers that Kakkou was the one that came to her and she blames him for taking everything away.

She swings out her demon arm to attack, but Kakkou just shoots it away. Kakkou tells her that he doesn’t want to fight and that some things can’t be forgotten. He says that finding a place for them all is his dream, but she doesn’t care and uses her arms to attack him again. He tries to fly away, but she catches him in a fist.

He shoots his way out with his mushi fused to his gun. She attacks him again and knocks him back.

Outside, C is fusing with a laptop and feels that the two of them are battling. A shadow at the door appears, and Rina steps in to find Asami, but C has disappeared outside.

Asami is still flying through and sees a light. She flies into it and makes it back to the real world. She immediately grabs her camera and begins crushing it. Kasuou is crushing Kakkou, but suddenly the world starts going dark, letting him escape. He shoots at Kasuou in the distract and grazes her hand.

Outside, Asami is downloading the contents of her camera to a memory card. She says that she has people, including a man dressed in black on it. She then tells Rina that she knows Rina is a mushi user and in mushibane. Asami is still a bit unhinged in her panic and rushes off.

After they leave, C reappears and tries to contact Kasuou and Kakkou through the laptop. She senses that they’re okay and pulls Kasuou out. Kirikiri is a fallen though and simply takes the instructions. C asks Kasuou what she should do about Kakkou, but Kasuou just leaves.

The next day, Asami burns the memory card that she thinks has them in it. Now that she’s found the mushibane, it’s a big scoop to her. The doorbell rings and she runs off… but Kasuou is watching her from the roof.

At the class, everybody is present except Daisuke. Asami runs in late. Rina tells her not to worry and they’ll talk later, but the look in her eyes is a bit hunted still.

Asami’s camera is being crushed.

Her eyes go dark and her arms limp as her eraser falls from her desk. Rina tries to rouse her, but she turns to Rina and her eyes are totally dead. Rina cries her name and grabs her.

Asami’s camera blinks off.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dangan says:

    Dausuke is dead?! Noooo. he is the main character he cannot be dead yet, is someone going save him?

  • Kuro says:

    Asami didn’t “die”, right?
    She’s became a Fallen because her “mushi” was killed, like the other Mushibane guy, isn’t it?

    Since Shiika was somehow able to turn back, I hope that in the future we’ll see also Asami back to normal…

    She was so nice… :(

  • los seeker says:

    i don’t think the’ll return…. shika’s different from the other fallen because her mushi didn’t die; rather it was in suspesion mode until it fully recovered.