Mushi Uta #07 — Another Faction Joins the Fray

August 16th, 2007

I’m pretty sure the freedom of the Internet press does not extend to those infected with brain eating insects.

Dammit. Dreamhost has been having all sorts of issues lately, and apparently the FTP went wonky as I was uploading and I didn’t notice. All sorted out now. 


Asami’s survival chances just dropped a few notches this episode as both factions know about her and she’s doing nothing to ingratiate herself to either one. Kasu’s gang is fairly uninteresting at the moment, though whatever they used to rip the car apart is quite a bit different from the other powers displayed so far. Really though, Minmin and Asami are the only ones who has been able to do anything besides using her Mushi as a battering ram or a power charger. I’d be more interested in the destruction of the park as evidence of the Snow Firefly’s rampage if it was actually made clear that it was from that and not just mutant Centi flopping around. We also got quite a bit more mystery with Kasu’s group -and- the ‘red’ girl that Haji visited. Still, at the halfway point, there’s a shitload of ground to cover. I’m still very happy with how this is progressing. Rina and Daisuke make too cute of a couple for me to not be.


Haji’s secretary hops into his car as her normally cheerful self. As he turns it on, the lights shine on three figures, one of them the blonde girl from the end of the last episode. Two of them get into the backseat of his car and start questioning him about the Snow Firefly how they’ve failed to catch it. They’re also underimpressed with Kakkou. Haji taunts them and says that the promise hasn’t been forgotten. This pisses off the girl and giant hands suddenly erupt and tear the top of the car off. Nobody’s really afraid, and the little pink haired girl apologizes. The secretary compliments “Kasu-san” (Kasou?) as the trio runs off.

Daisuke is walking home when the threesome appears in front of him. They say hello, but just keep walking. The pink loli (Shi) stops in front of him and says that it’s good to see him again before all three vanish into the night.

At Haji’s new car, Daisuke shows up and asks what’s going on with them. Haji basically tells him to not worry about it and drives off. Kasu’s group has come to a ruined mansion. She remembers being younger and stained with blood when Daisuke came to her and pointed his gun at her. She calls him a demon.

Elsewhere, Rina is drawing a picture of Daisuke. Shiika comes in, and Rina covers it up. Shiika says goodnight, but thinks how she’s glad that Rina is feeling better now.

In cyberspace, Asami is still blindly exploring. In one of the many pictures, she finds a silhoutte of a person that she thinks might be a Mushi User. She looks in closer and sees a red ribbon and realizes that it was Shiika.

Outside a dormitory, the secretary is lurking. A girl is sleeping inside with Haji sitting next to her. Red tint soon fills the room.

The next morning, Shiika is seeing Rina off. She tells them to thank her friends for the fun time yesterday. At class, Asami is exhausted as usual. She asks Rina if there’s anything strange about Shiika, but Rina doesn’t answer. She asks why Asami was curious, but Asami says that she wants to play with her again after a suspicious moment.

Daisuke manages to make it to class on time and the friends all start razzing Rina over him. She walks over and gives him her notes to help him out. Later, after gym, she lets him borrow her towel too. He looks at her and says that she reminds him of her sister, in looks and attitude. The two flirt a bit more and he says that he’s glad before thanking her and letting her run off all full of blushes.

At the park, the threesome is looking over a scene of absolute destruction. Kasu says that it must have been the Snow Firefly, and looks over her shoulder to see Minmin relaxing on a telephone pole.

At Rina’s room, Shiika is moping when the doorbell rings. It’s Asami, who takes her out for sodas and a talk. Asami keeps staring at her nervously. Shiika gets up at one point and Asami cowers and begs for her life. Asami then switches tactics and tries to record Shiika with her camera to see if she can see anything, but nothing.

Finally, she out and out starts asking Shiika about Mushi and whether or not they’re scary, but Shiika completely clams up. Finally, she asks if Shiika is the leader of the Mushibane, but Shiika denies that. Relieved a bit, Asami starts asking about Mushi, and Shiika says that they eat dreams. Asami is scared by this, and has Shiika promise to not tell anybody else.

They keep talking, Shiika telling Asami that Mushi are scary and terrible things that could end up hurting and killing people. Asami starts flipping out and in a panic thanks Shiika and runs off.

In Haji’s backseat of love, Daisuke is reporting in about his progress finding Ladybird. The secretary excuses herself and Haji takes over the conversation, mostly to give Daisuke some teasing about fitting in at school and whatnot.

He then hits a button and a static whine emits. The Kasu-Threesome were watching from above and know that they’ve been shut out. Their conversation continues, but it’s still mostly of the semi-insidious peptalk variety.

As Haji drives off, Daisuke thinks of Shiika.

That night, Kasu and crew are talking to Haji again. Haji says that there’s a new Mush and she immediately says that she’ll kill it. He hands her a folder with a Mushi user… the photo is Asami.

The Mushibane members are meeting and talking about Centi. Pictures of him appeared online. Rina immediately recognizes it as Asami’s work. She’s feverishly at work, uploading as much information as she can to the internet.

Rina is trying to get in contact with Asami when she notices Minmin lurking. Minmin says that the girl with the camera is in danger.

In cyberspace, Asami is looking at a picture of a person in a mask… Ladybird.

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  • Dangan says:

    I wish they can have sub soon. I love this series.

  • Totali says:

    First Nonaka Ai is playing a mother role and now she’s playing a silent kid role? WTF! I was wondering why she made an appearance last episode in the “what is your dream” segment or whatever. Oh well I’m not complaining :P.