The Thermals With the Hearts Were Half Price

January 20th, 2009


Just your friendly neighborhood reminder that there are indeed still spectacular animated shows airing outside of Japan, even if the werelion look was a bit muchfor Kraven.

Oh, and sorry about the downtime. Host apparently had a hardware failure that broke the cluster. It happens.

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Comiket 75: Wrapup in the Parking Lot

January 6th, 2009


So… a pretty disappointing Comiket for games, but I suppose it was just 4 months after the last one, so hopefully it just means that next summer’s will be all the better. What Comiket would be complete without me leeching shots of the crazy cars in the parking lot from SenakaBlog (NSFW)? SB was on hiatus during last Comiket, though, so nothing to see from the last one unfortuantely. I do like the tsundere tun-dele car, but nothing quite lives up to the Embodiment of Scarlet Spare Tire or any of the Nanohamobiles from past Comikets.

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A Very British Christmas

December 26th, 2008


The Doctor Who Christmas Special was rather good. I don’t think I liked it as much as The Runaway Bride, but it was a damn sight better than Voyage of the Damned or The Christmas Invasion. It did veer a little towards the over-the-top silly at the end, what with the 50 foot tall Cyberking stomping around, but I’m overall pleased with it. I’m not really as much of a fan of Wallace & Grommit in general (and yes, I already know this special was leaked to the interwebs a couple weeks ago), but it’s nice to see serious animation living on outside of anime and 20 minute US toy commercials. The story was predictable, the villain was predictable, there really weren’t a ton of jokes, and the height of my enjoyment came from the line "I’m in bread too."

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“Archerko” is now canon

August 20th, 2008

Sort of.

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Midnight on the Train to The Sapphire Falls | We Are VENOM

June 15th, 2008

Midnight                                                      Venom    

Man, this week’s Doctor Who was spectacular. Just the right amount of mystery, paranoia and subtle terror that will make me stay away from cross-planetary diamond trains for years to come. It’s amazing the creepiness you can instill in a scene with just some clever sound technicians. The Spectacular Spiderman finale was also pretty decent, but the second half was just a biiiiiiiit too thick on all of Peter’s friends coming together to save Gwen and then the awful "power of friendship conquers all" ending. I expected better of you, symbiote. You got suckered in and defeated by the Care Bear Stare. Oh well, there’s always next season.

Oh yeah, and I’m messing around with Battle Goddess: Episode Zero, just slowly and with many many distractions. Expect a writeup in a couple of days though. It’s at least much much much MUCH better than Amaneka.

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Spidey, You’re My Everything

June 7th, 2008

I finally managed to track down a version of this week’s (well, last week’s at this point) episode with properly synced audio that wasn’t encoded by a two year old epileptic monkey. Awesome. Just flat out awesome. Where’d all this kind of action go in this season of anime, dammit? At least summer’s coming soon with its glut of action shows. <3

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The Venture Brothers Season 3 Begins — My Stanza!!

June 1st, 2008


Oh god… Not the Stanza!!!!!!

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Damn It, Clamp. This Was Confusing Enough Already

May 12th, 2008

Post contains xxxHOLiC AND Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle spoilers.

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Touhou Profile Spritery

May 11th, 2008


Remember way back on April 1st… the Touhou Valkyrie Profile clone that would never be? The sprite maker posted all his sprites a little while back (most had been up for months before). They really are things of beauty. It’s a shame that I still have to kill him for not making the actual game. 

Complete crossposted set after the cut.

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Happy Golden Week

May 1st, 2008

In case you’re wondering about shows for this week, they’ll probably be sparse because a lot of things aren’t airing for the holiday. Yeah, it started two days ago, but nothing I care about aired between then and now. ^^ Go relive some past classics… I suggest Ikki Tousen or Slayers personally since the new seasons are fast approaching. I think I’m going to do some random upkeep and redesign on the blog (yes yes, and work on BMW Act 3). If you’ve got any suggestions, drop me a line. At the moment, I think I’m tired of the dark blue sidebar and want to do something with it, though I’m not sure quite what. Hopefully I’ll come to a conclusion before the holiday ends.

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