Babylon #01 — *GASP!*

October 8th, 2019


These guys are way too credulous to be in law enforcement.

As a reminder for this one's weird broadcast schedule, the first three episodes were on Amazon Prime on Sunday, but it's actual broadcast didn't begin until Monday and it's only weekly, so the fourth episode won't come until the 28th.


I have in the past enjoyed the Law and Orders or CSIs, but these bozos are no Jack McCoys. Mainly because the writers can't find a way to get across the importance of the various revelations in the episode, so our hard-boiled experienced LEOs react to goddamned everything like they're in Phoenix Wright. Nothing is too trivial to not be gasped at, stared at with a tortured look, and then the next course of action shouted out, even when it's exactly what they were expecting. The kind of thing Lennie Briscoe would respond to with a weary sarcastic quip because he's seen it all, instead has to be dramatized up to hell and back. I did glance quickly through episode 2 just to see if it improves, and it contains a "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" scene, so… this is writing that certainly thinks it's serious, but it is most definitely not.

It's also just plain slow, even for a procedural. Multiple scenes don't seem to have a real point. He meets with a dude in a bar who begins the conversation with "Well, here I am in a bar meeting my best friend who I've known since college." They then review the current situation, one Googles something, repeat that they're best friends, and leave. I guess we really needed someone to use Google. Or the meeting with his boss where he's told such helpful nuggets like "arresting a politician would be a scandal" and "You are law enforcement, and your job is to arrest people for commiting crimes." There's a base level of knowledge I think we can assume, people, and the more time we spend repeating shared knowledge, the less time we're spending on developing the story, which is already in pretty dire shape. And yes, the animation is indeed horrible, but I'm not really sure if overanimating anything here would have helped either or just made things worse.

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