Symphogear XV #11 — Vagina Attack

September 14th, 2019


I don't think that's a proper frankensteiner.


Frankly, if they had decided "Screw the current day, let's do a whole episode in the long long ago ending with someone getting stabbed," I think I might have been able to get behind that just because the moon adventures against antagonists who haven't won a single exchange the entire run is that tiresome. Then even the dude had to ruin what little good will the stabbing engendered by coming back as an OS there just to deliver a weird history lesson. Let's remember that the 'main' antagonist has had her ass parked firmly in the air for the last month, doing absolutely nothing. But yeah, sure. Here's History of the World According to Crazy Moon People. That is obviously what the show needs right now.

Anyway, on a more character-based front, there was nothing character-based. I guess it was the Darkstalkers Morrigan knockoff's turn to be (massive sarcasm quotation marks) "featured", which is to say that she just cycled through virtually every single one of Morrigan's special attacks in sequence, most ridiculously being splitting herself in half so she could fling herself crotch first into their faces in order to frankensteiner them, complete with first person camera angle of their vaginas hurtling towards the screen. Yes, I can see how that might be surprising. I had thought she was just a generic succubus design, not meant to specifically be a Morrigan knockoff. You'd think they'd want to play up the references to something far better. She was defeated, of course, by them… trying slightly harder than they were at the start of the battle. Another grand success for our heroines.

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