Symphogear XV #07 — “Hey, Remember How Great Season 3 Was?”

August 17th, 2019


You and I have very different recollections, Symphogear.


Was season 3 really so great that they needed to bring back the antagonists just to have the current season's antagonists job to them? Yeah, sure, at the very end of the episode, some realized that this was probably a bad idea and they went "Wait, no, look, they actually all completely lost offscreen." But come on, guys. This is almost like being gaslit. What you actually showed us was the current season's antagonists getting batted around like cat toys by the robots from I guess now three power level jumps ago, and the end of the episode sure seems like we're going to be having even the bridge bunny kick their asses. 

Would it be so bad if the bad guys could win any fight at all this season? On screen, I mean. The closest we've come so far was the demon floating baby fetus they summoned getting a whopping two shots in, which they're doing their damnedest to milk. Note that the stupid thing isn't actually doing anything else, which is certainly in line with what got done this episode. Around a third in, I wondered how many different times and ways they were going to announce they were going to threaten to kill Elfnein. Kinda seems like you might be stretching things out after the third or fourth, guys. No idea why they opted for the psychic attack to start. Not sure when that one developed psychic powers. Also kind of wondering when they forgot that the boob one was the pacifist one. She sure went from giving speeches about not wanting to kill anybody and wanting to be friends to merrily killing anybody and everybody for poops and giggles on a dime.

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