Vinland Saga #01 — Dude Loves His Chain

July 7th, 2019


Weird fetish, but okay.

I actually forgot Amazon put up the first episode of this yesterday. I also hadn't realized that after the three episode dump today, it would be rebroadcasting episodes 2 and 3 for the next two weeks and only returning with new episodes on the 28th. This broadcast schedule is stupid.


I'm pretty sure that the manga source begins with a couple chapters of a big ol' epic battle against a toad person before getting sucked into dour faced men standing around reciting lectures about the greatness of chains for a reason. Vikings begins with that (well, minus the toad person), murdering rapists, more raids, and hallucinating a bunch of gods. A little twenty second tease at the start of the episode isn't quite the same hook. Maybe that's what episodes two and three of this 1.5 hour long monstrosity have, but after two hours today, and another five shows on the docket for tomorrow, I feel like I'm pretty anime'd out for the moment, especially considering that this was a very meandering episode that might as well have just screamed "WORLD BUILDING ONLY" from start to finish.

Not that there's anything wrong with building an interesting world, but the stories that hook people are of the characters that live in it, and the 'stars' of this episode, to be generous with the word, were stone-faced men morosely reciting philosophy, and a juvenile having a tantrum because a weird old dude in silly costume told him that his great great great grandpa ran away from something. Neither of those things do much to set up a greater story or endear me to the characters. 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • residentgrigo says:

    This is based on chap. 3 and 4 of the manga as Vol.1 isn´t very representative of the series as a whole due to running in a Shounen mag before going Seinen in Vol.2 Who knows if they still get to fight the toad-man (chap. 1 is 90 pages long!) but the story is now at least chronologically told.
    And don´t worry Mr. Tenkla mass rapes and murders are still coming. Less than on Viking but this easily the better story.

    You did good MAPPA, now stay the course and adapt page by page.

  • residentgrigo says:

    I meant Wit Studio, hups.