The Ones Within #01 — Everything Can Be Solved With a Hug

July 7th, 2019


Starring Jesus Christ.


Certainly more of a comedy bend than I was expecting, but it's definitely not helped by the extremely lengthy middle pure info dump session, nor that both the 'challenges' meant to illustrate the world were resolved by the main character being Jesus Christ. Benevolence literally radiates off him and resolves everything. Doesn't even need to make any kind of insight about the thing that he's facing really. Just goes up and hugs it, and Bob's your uncle. Maybe that in itself is supposed to be a parody, but I very much doubt it.

It also means that a lot of Silver Link's artistic flairs are pretty wasted on the show. That could be again because of the almost ten minute middle portion that is quite literally a lecture followed by going around in a circle and having every character introduce themselves, almost all of whom are then booted from the rest of the episode. The humor is largely one of the two temperamental characters occasionally yelling an overreaction or making a stupid face, often an announcement of how benevolent the main character is acting. It also does not at all sell its premise, and if it wants to be a jokey show, would probably do better to drop the whole life and death side entirely. 


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