Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale #01 — Water Insoluble

January 12th, 2019


At least they didn't try to make the tails sexy.


It really bothers me that they make only a few token overtures to that it's underwater. Mermaids float, sometimes there are bubbles when they move (but not usually), and that's it. Everything else is 100% normal. They pour tea. They bake cookies.They use paper mail. So on and so forth. It's also just as brainless as you'd expect an idol show to be, and even better, this is an idol origin story, where it's just a bunch of brainless idiots wandering around who discover the greatness of idolness at the very end. You'll never guess what happens next! There's also this really weird little scene where all of a sudden the dark tide of doom sweeps through the city as they all huddle in fear, but I assume that's going to be the baddie that squats on the town towards the end, ruining their concert that their shining light breaks through. Someone get back to me in three months to tell me if I'm right or not, cause we are so done here.


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