Ulysses #07 — Home for the Holidays

November 18th, 2018


Death of a saint is a federal holiday, right?


You have to admire their restraint. They could've had the grandfather be a rapist in addition to a serial abuser and cackling mad lunatic, but they didn't. Well, I mean, as long as there was a prophecy about it, might as well abuse literally everyone he can get his hands on. …Sarcasm is all I have for episodes like this. We take a break from literally everything else with just a half-assed "Oh, she's not dead, just, uh, sleeping or something" for Monmon to go home, unveil yet another unabashed haremette, this time in the form of an actual little sister, and be sucked into a series of flashbacks. And then, we just leave again.  

Here's one way you could fix this stupidity of an episode and can still have the stupid sister harem thing, abusive grandfather, etc. Write a goddamned conflict. Confront it. Fail. Try again with newfound wisdom, knowledge, resolve, whatever. Overcome it. The solution or path to solution contains an epiphany for how to fix Jeanne. This does none of those things. This episode only goes as far as "Yo, things are kinda melodramatic and fanservicey at home too. 'Kay, bye."  Will it be resolved ever? Who knows! Will it even come up again? Probably not. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    This was the most idiotic episode to date. That wound can’t be healed…except it can totally be healed. Do anything to bring those soldiers… except marrying cute girl to get them, that’s beyond the line. “You were totally ready to kill me”… except he totally didn’t kill him. You won’t get the soldiers unless you marry the cute girl… except if you say you slept with her even if you didn’t.

  • ark noir says:

    just realized momo is gilles de rais….and him giving children baiser after baiser isn’t the best thing. The fairy is the only good person in the show. At least she’s trying to get him to shag the bird in the crystal. rather than baiser kids.I’m looking at you grandfather.