Zombieland Saga #03 — Flesh Mob

October 18th, 2018


Writers didn't show up for work, huh?

Tomorrow's the last day of my weird coverage schedule. It'll be back to afternoon blogging only on weekdays after that… at least for like three weeks before I think it's going to start again.


This was an episode in bad need of a point. It wasn't focused on any particular character, and it didn't do jack squat with its central thing, guerrilla concerts, either. Here's some CGI, they try their best, get nervous about trying their best, but then try their best some more and it works out, and so they restate their desire to try their best. There was no conflict, no hurdle to overcome, no challenge to face, no lesson learned, no epiphany had. There's just trying your best. And when that fails you, you try your best some more.

Mostly, it made me think that this would work better if it was actually mixing in some real horror elements into the show, like the end goal was a zombie apocalypse and at the end of each thing, they messily ate whoever they had lured in, balancing their need for zombie survival against the obvious evil with some nice commentary on the idol industry's most rabid fans being chattel. The slapstick is mostly passable, although still leaning more towards annoying shouting, but the drama this week was so insipid that I think I'm done even trying to feel any kind of emotion for these clowns.


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    This show fell off a cliff after episode one, now it’s just Love Live, but their skin is green some of the time.

    Like I said last week, I liked it better when it was Sakura trying to navigate a group of brainless zombies, but now we get NEVER ENDING EMOTIONAL ANGST over being an idol.