Sword of the Yellow Emperor #05 — Corruptville

October 29th, 2018


Good lord, did someone hit this episode with an ugly stick..


An ugly and CGI stick. Everybody was blobby CGI this week. You'd think that'd at least let them put together some semi-decent action, but no, of course not. That'd require some choreography and effort. Not that it's making any more sense as they add a couple more mages to the mix. Yeah, sure, we can conjure lightning storms, tornados, and giant floods, but the evil empire now has scorpion mechs alongside their spider mechs, horse mechs, and dude-with-a-lawnmower mechs. What ever happened to the dude-with-a-lawnmower mech anyway?

*ahem* I'm also not sure what this episode was supposed to be about, other than continuing to add to the hypocrisy of the main character, slaughtering the Nazi empire soldiers by the boatload as they do nothing but Nazi about the countryside. She gets bitchy about her sister wanting to kill Nazis for their murdersprees, so her sister goes "Yeah, I liked it better when I had arms too," and then runs off to behead the first Nazi she can find. That's simply the excuse to start a fight for the local head Nazi to try to murder literally everybody, ostensibly forcing Team Good Guys and Team Lesser Nazis to join forces. The pieces are there to make a decent episode, but the execution is just a mess. The sister thing is just kind of dropped partway with no real development or resolution, Fat Nazi's entire plan was to shoot some flaming logs and then I guess call it a day, and they don't join forces so much as just take turns humiliating Fat Nazi. All with severe budgetary problems and I assume massive blindness as the threesome still doesn't seem to have realized they were all there together.

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