SSSS Gridman #01 — The Quiet

October 6th, 2018


What was the point of most of this episode?

Spyce Girls's broadcast was delayed by at least an hour and it was relatively speaking a late broadcast to begin with. It might be a while. Or not, if simulcasters don't get the message.


Boy, you don't start missing background music until it completely disappears. Of course, a better show might've filled the space with something going on. This didn't have such ambitions. About the first fifteen minutes is pretty damn close to dead air. The protagonist has amnesia, sees giant monsters and robots on TV nobody else can, and… that's it. For a while, I was worried that they were going to try to stretch that out for the entire episode. They very nearly did. There were some weird directing quirks here and there where I think even the staff realized how banal the conversation was. Mostly though, it was just tedious. Why they didn't start at the 15 minute mark is a mystery.

Speaking of which, the music was being reserved for when the monster appeared and it was time to go all Ultraman on it, and it kicked in with a vengeance; huge fanfares and all. …Then it stopped as soon as it started until his friend jumped onto the keyboard to… add unassigned points to his stats I guess, whereupon the themesong kicked in and he instantly punched out a fireball, tore the monster's head off, and then eradicated the CG thingy while his friends shouted "YAY GRIDMAN! YOU'RE THE BEST, GRIDMAN!" Not sarcasm. Actually part of the episode. All it was missing was an advertisement for Gridman action figures, which I'm surprised they didn't work into the "Yay Gridman" victory montage at the end.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Power Rangers vs Godzilla’s friends

  • Anonymous says:

    Really hoping this show starts getting good soon. Had BIG high hopes that revival of the show would come back.

  • The Phantom says:

    Who slapped him? interested in watching this just to figure out, nah nm.