Radiant #01 — Sympathy for the Devil

October 6th, 2018


I too want to punch this hero in his stupid face.


I'm not sure if it says more about the show or about me that I felt more empathy and sympathy for the monster than I did the screaming protagonist. The monster was just born and it's already getting bombs and knives dropped on its face. Punching a couple shrieking teenagers feels like a perfectly justified reaction. Especially annoying teenagers with messiah complexes who spend the entire episode wackily messing up and causing mass destruction in their wake, and their response is… "Oh, I just wasn't taking ENOUGH shortcuts." No lessons to be learned here about anything. No epiphany that he's been a brat or that his immaturity is what's causing the problems. It's all "We're the greatest!" and "I wanna be the greatest-est!" from start to finish.

It's not Jump, but it's certainly trying to be. Hell if I know why. I suppose I don't remember seeing too many speedlines or stills. Is that something? We can call it a win. For as uninspired a setting as it is, it takes its sweet time explaining directly to the audience all about the existence of monster and racism, and then re-explains it. Meanwhile, the characters are all blithering imbeciles. "That's a monster! Get away from it!" "Oh, you mean spend the next two minutes crowding even closer?" "It's a monster!" "A monster!?" My god, that scene was astonishing even in a sea of stupidity. And then an old dude dressed like a pro wrestler from the 80s flew in on a broom shooting lasers, leading to the gasping cliffhanger that he's a wizard too. They even had to explicitly announce that. Twice.  


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  • Anonymous says:

    I stopped watching this Episode while they where on their Air Ballon Home.. This screaming, racism turned me away

    Anonymous says:

    Well, what can i expect from an Black Glover clone