Sirius the Jaeger #04 — Midnight Train to Nowhere

August 2nd, 2018


Boy, when the honeymoon is over, it's really over.


Second episode in a row with virtually no action whatsoever, and the writing is perhaps only getting worse, although at least this week stayed in the present. The highlight of the episode was the super duper vampire enclave being wacky throwbacks, hanging upside down as they boom out their overly dramatic, operatic nonsense, their ridiculous hair stretching out as long as their legs. You'd think the episode would've been focused on the silly Sengoku cosplayer who was introduced pre-OP. You'd be wrong though. He showed up again about 15 minutes into the episode to murder some dudes off screen, to be resolved later.

That's not even the cliffhanger though. The cliffhanger is Yuliy's brother popping up in front of him again. That's right. The cliffhanger this week is the same as the cliffhanger from two weeks ago. What did the protagonists do the entire episode? Jack freaking squat. They discussed how things were happening somewhere, had dinner, got on a train, and then got on a different train. Half the episode was spent attached to the shoulder of Random Inspector Dude, but all he managed to accomplish was… getting to the same train as Team Vampire and Team Werewolf? Great goddamned work. Truly a packed twenty minutes.

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