Grand Blue #05 — Wing Man

August 10th, 2018


I hope you liked last week's jokes.


I really hope you liked last week's jokes, because we're doubling down on them and tripling down on being superficial jackasses. Excuse me, screaming superficial jackasses. There's about five minutes alone just on the "Chisa pretends to be his girlfriend to make guys hate him" which is obnoxious on about a dozen levels. Then it brings back the makeup girl from last week to spend most of the episode re-running that joke, now with the added loop of "She looks cute without her makeup OH MY GOD HIDEOUS BEAST WITH MAKEUP AAAAAAH."

The willful… hateful abandon that they all scream about a guy determined to hook up with a girl and talk to them instead of screaming bloody murder about how ugly they are, and how that's supposed to be a joke, speaks to certain unresolved issues in the writers' past. Good god. They could've leaned into the whole wingman thing or made the girls comically unusual in ways other than appearance, hell, could've learned a valuable lesson about not being superficial asses (again), but instead, about fifteen minutes of screaming about makeup. For the second episode in a row.

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