Grand Blue #02 — Sentimental Aquarium

July 20th, 2018


That was the randomest part of the entire episode.


I didn't particularly enjoy this either, but Lord of Vermillion was too godawful to give even the time of day, so this gets 'special' treatment compared to the rest of the hot Friday mess. This is another meandering episodes that does goddamned ten minutes on "girl walks into room and sees porn," followed by two more little mini-segments, one 100% random sentiment, the other just more of the two kinds of dick jokes the show has; Iori sees other guys' dicks, and Chisa walks in on Iori spontaneously having his dick out.

I say it a lot, but even the thinnest hint of a narrative or structure would do so goddamned much good, especially if it's going to try to tie things up with a feel-good bow at the end. It's just random mushiness thrown out, connected to everything else by only the thinnest pretense. It doesn't actually tie anything up because there's nothing to tie up or together. Someone just decided "We need a feel good bit, so no screaming and dicks for five minutes and crank up the piano to max." 

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    This kind of humor really went out of style over a decade ago and we’re all worse off for it.