Hinamatsuri #05 — Rerun

May 4th, 2018


I'm already pretty tired of this season.


I'm really tempted to continue the purge week here and call it an end for this, but having blinked ahead to FMP's offering for today, I'm not sure that would survive either. This was another episode where the fairly tired premise in each part certainly could have been used to ramp up to something more humorous, outlandish, or even parody if they felt like really trying, but instead, they were content to repeat themselves over and over and over and over. Why do they even have girls with super powers and gangsters if they've already shoved them in the fridge?

Part one, Anzu wanted money, she knows someone who buys trash TVs, so they search for TVs until the other two just give her brand new ones from their own lives. There's not really any jokes in this segment, just the continued recital of the situation, again and again and again. Part two, a few different people do the "Hitomi is a bartender!?" thing. This does have something I think they thought were jokes, or at least characters made stupid looking faces. They would be for the same reason as the last three or four episodes though, so we're well past any subversion of expectations for comedy and just running through the exact same motions yet again. Both sequences ended with a mawkish "We just wanted to be your friends" speech, because of course they did. What doesn't in anime anymore?

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