Curling in the Frocks #03 — Post Hoc Protagonist

January 27th, 2018


I think the way I'm coping with this awful season is sarcastic recaps.


Apparently our completely worthless sack of crap protagonist who can't even decide between cornflakes and branflakes without an existential crisis was once the leader of the pack. And I'm making a big deal about it because the episode then spends about the next five minutes on existential recap and review. But don't worry, there's variety. In one scene, the characters are standing around outside talking. In the next, they're sitting in a room inside. And then, he meets up with his manic pixie girlfriend and she does the standard manic pixie things while he whinges about how she's so uncontrollable and whimsical. And then we have a briefing. Boy. Moving a mile a minute, this show.

The second half sort of tries to salvage the episode by spawning some giant ticks for them to fight. And by them, I mean everyone but the protagonists. And by fight, I mean cut away as soon as the fight began for another briefing so they could spend another five minutes blathering on about the horrible price of using Whose-Is. So we finally cut back to the 'excitement', which was nothing but them staring in shock, running, staring in shock, and narrating about how much shock they were in, until Whose-Its showed up, one-shot the midboss, got about two seconds of animation, and then was relegated to off-screen. So we simply cut away from that, becuase who the hell cares about seeing action. We're here for the melodrama. A horrible price was paid! *gasp* 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    does this have the dumbest name of any show, I know there are a lot of contenders but this is way up there, english word used in the wrong sense, in-universe jargon word spelled like it was out of the 90s, sentence fragment, just missing the word “imouto” pretty much.

  • jgoi says:

    At least that 666 kid showed some concern for his Miku. If this isn’t just a eva wannabe hopefully he’ll be less of an asshole in the future. Still don’t give a shit about “darling” or his lala clone.