A Sister’s All You Need #06 — Product Placement

November 12th, 2017


You… didn't actually play this game you're shilling, did you?


Another episode that's kind of all over the place, especially the first half. They introduce a new character who has an immediate bond with Our Terrible Lead, and then she disappears for the rest of the episode. Then they finally get around to the reveal that his oddly domestic and feminine little brother has no penis… and drop that too so that they can spend most of the second half playing some imbecilic game. I actually looked it up, and they left off an important detail; that every player is secretly on one of two teams, and is therefore incentivised to try to figure out who's on their team and vote accordingly while hiding your bias. It's like if explaining the rules for and playing Secret Hitler left off that Hitler was involved in any way. What's left is just some particularly weird and dumb improv where every punchline is "that's kind of weird."

Eventually, we seem to reach out main content, Whose His Face's anime adaptation. This would be presented as scrolling text over stills of their faces. It turns out terrible and literally everybody trashes it. Given the kind of garbage that gets praise here in the real world, I can only imagine that means it was stick figures and synthesized voices. Tantrums and sobfests ensue, of the typical kind where they angrily spell out every aspect of whatever's bothering them, which is all they needed to feel better. Epiphany? Development? Growth? Pfft. All they need is to announce their feelings. It's not even sensical. "It sucks when you work hard on something and it doesn't work out." Yeah. Clearly. It happens. You're in a creative field. It's going to happen another fifty times to five hundred more people. Not everything is a blockbuster megahit. We could've had some kind of actual arc and insight about things here, or just a couple immature superficial fits. So of course, it was the fits. 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    They went tenka seiha on the poor anime adaptation.

    There is a lot of Author feelings mixed into this, everything here is a fantasy of him or his fears, he is doing good into translating that into a story so far.

    He is probably scared about how Haganai went absolutely train wreck in the last novel, he may mix it as well here somehow.


  • anise_punter says:

    “. It turns out terrible and literally everybody trashes it. Given the kind of garbage that gets praise here in the real world, I can only imagine that means it was stick figures and synthesized voices. ”

    yeah but if those stick figures were self-aware of how bad it was it would totally get praise


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