Symphogear AXZ #02 — Giant Snakes Never Help

July 8th, 2017


I'd likely watch a show about crazy immortal pirate sirens trying to destroy the moon. 


Ah, yes. That thing we do to make an antagonist super extra awesome; make them just completely invulnerable. With special extra alchemy magic music dimensional ultra invulnerability. Until, of course, they're not and they die in one shot. But perhaps I'm focusing a little overly much on the imbecilic snake in an episode about Nazi noise dismembering obnoxiously spunky children and the reveal that Fine, moon-crazy lunatic from the first season, used to sail the seven seas as a corsair. Deserved, given the screentime given between those things, but I know that I'd much rather see more piracy and less dumb snake and shouting from the peanut gallery about not giving up. It's the goddamned second episode. They're playing surrogate wheel/slingshot. I'm pretty sure there are better times and places.

The first actual fight with the antagonists was also a little weird. Good that they managed to fit it in among the now regular and obligatory noise slaughtering and snake smacking, but aside from a little beamspam in the opening second of the fight, they spent the entire thing being wailed on without fighting back. And then whining when their snake was punched in half. Chris's introduction leaving Whose-Her-Face half-dead and leaking blood from every oriface, and later transformation bit to shred an entire mountainside in the first season remain the gold standard for this show as far as antagonists kicking ass go, and a little over-animated tantrum is about as far away from that as we can get. And that came after the noise, now the disposable mooks killed by the thousand every episode, bloodily ate a protagonist, and Hibiki was still going into berserker modes where she messily tore things apart. A limb here and there from some random kid, or punching a snake is not going to sate my bloodlust.


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