Virgin Soul #02 — “Are We the Bad Guys?”

April 14th, 2017

Could be, Kaisar. Could be.


Another fairly confused episode that doesn't really do a lot besides sideline the protagonist-apparent, clue in Kaisar (and I guess Nina) to the already self-evident change in setting re: non-humans now being the downtrodden, and make the antagonist even more comically evil by sending out a cadre of death knights. You'd think he had a retainer somewhere to ask "Are we the bad guy?" when budgeting for the death squad, or maybe even just the blacksmith responsible for forging all the giant spikey armor. Or I suppose the programmer to do the CG 'animation' for the very, very little action that was in the episode this week, most of it weird CG. I guess it also confirms that Nina's not really special (supposedly) and she comes from an entire village of people who casually transform into dragons for funsies.

Unfortunately, that's kind of it though. If you had already figured out that the monster races were being exploited and treated as third class citizens last week, then congratultions, you're quicker on the uptake than Mappa thinks its collective audience is. They do nothing with Nina being a dragon besides Azazel yelling at her to help him. And Rita? God only knows why she showed up at all. To say her name, her new job, and then step right back out of the show. Good contribution. Time well spent and certainly not wasted at all. When's the goddamned adventure going to begin?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Germanguy says:

    The Secret lies in this Water

    Perhaps deep inside this Lake or in the Spring of the water. lies an ancient Dragon. So this water is some kind tainted with Dragon blood magic, and peoples with some specials can handle the transformation.. or so

    So, and old giant Dragon must be the secret behind it all