The Grimoire of Zero #01 — Fireside Chat

April 10th, 2017

Giving the word 'chat' a real run for its money.


I hope you enjoyed that opening three or four minutes of exposition. The thirty or so seconds of action done underneath it would be the entirety of adventure in this 'adventure' show. Once we hit the seven minute mark, the entire rest of the episode is spent sitting around a camp fire or a stump, but now, the exposition is delivered by characters instead of by some random narrator. Well, the promotional videos featured staring at a map, so I certainly can't say that there wasn't significant truth in advertising. Oh, there's a 'fight' against a giant boar and another mage, but both of those are still about 90% exposition, 9% standing still, and 6% more exposition.

What is there more to even say? It's just a mountain of goddamned exposition in an exposition bowl with exposition flakes on top. What little they show of the characters consists of angsty flashbacks of Generic Sad Childhood #03 and "OMG, A GIRL IS TOUCHING ME! *BLUSH*" So we get a godawful protagonist even when it's a weretiger. They present only the barest bones of a story, and obviously, don't animate jack squat because half the episode is spent on mundane blather and staying completely rooted to a six foot area. Yeah, really selling this fantasy world and adventure thing by not being a part of any of it.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I kept on being reminded of the polar bear from “Polar Bear Cafe”. This show needs the penguin from Polar Bear Cafe in it to liven things up. Or maybe we all need several drinks to be able to go with the flow of this mess.

    You were right in your speculation a few days ago – all of the anime writers are off on holiday this season…