Chain Chronicle #03 — “That Thief is a Thief!”

January 21st, 2017


"I haven't thought about stealing anything for at least four minutes!"


Things continue to slow down and I continue to really not like what they're doing with the characters. It's already idiotic enough for the cliffhanger last week to be changed to "it was nothing after all" within the first five seconds, I can't even imagine how bad it must've been like in theatrical format. Aram continues to act like a petulant child at every turn, but it's the knight as the one going evil partly because nobody appreciates or trusts him, and partly because he was jumped by a succubus who filled him with evil. So they're not even committing fully to that as long as they have the power of evil to fall back on when he conveniently forgets that evil is bad and he probably shouldn't be putting a lot of stock in what it says.

And it certainly doesn't help that his great sin this week leading to his final downfall was assuming that a career thief, who had all of two minutes ago nearly gone back to thieving the moment he felt the slightest inconvenience, was a thief when he was found with a priceless dagger and refused to explain how he got it. Everyone else took the thief's side because, you know, screw you, knight. If they had made the injury actually grievous, cut off an arm for example, they certainly would've had a much better case for the whole 'abandoned' schtick with a side of powerlessness and possibly even jealousy from the brash new up and comer replacing him, but nah. Power of evil. Which is apparently infecting random people all over.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Germanguy says:

    I am with you, about this “giving birth to Darth Vader” thing. An Knight of the Light, fall so fast into darkness.. had he really had an Light base or just playing around to pretend he is one? is he just “lovesick” to the Princess and just want to be near to her, even if he is overcharged? Oh well, this turn into the “Dark side” feels Deus ex machina, as someone just turn a switch for “Drama!”