Mob Psycho 100 #01 — NEVER STOP NOT SHOUTING

July 11th, 2016




Would that the whole show was just a psychodelic trip of animator nonsense like the opening two minutes were. While I can't get into things like Superjail, I can appreciate them for being psychotic, drug-fueled nightmares produced by animators who just want to screw around. Sadly, after the opening two minutes, the curtain falls away to reveal yelling, overexaggerations, overexplanations, and the janky art. Mostly yelling and overexaggerations though. Especially the yelling. And if that's what you're looking for in a show, you can get that just about anywhere.

At least the art's a clear style choice and not something they have to slip into when it gets to be too much effort to fully animate the style they picked for the easy parts. Not visually appealing for anything but the trippy parts, but consistent. Not used for visual humor either, unless you count making exaggerated reactions as comedy, typically either in response to or as the blindingly obvious is stated. Japan, if we could give the punchline of "That is not what I meant!!!!!!!" a rest for just one week, I would be eternally grateful. 

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