Amanchu! #01 — Girls in the Wind

July 8th, 2016


Trying is hard.


The exclamation point at the end of this show's title may be the biggest lie I've seen so far. There is nothing exciting at all about this. This falls more into the genre of "girls stand in the wind while we listen to Granola Bob's Earth Moods CD." And then there's the manic pixie girl who makes stupid faces, has no social etiquette, and is just the most greatest, wonderful, quasi-lesbian ever who opens our wallflower never-ending-self-narrating protagonist's eyes to the wonder of the world. Because friends. Or something.

So yeah, this belongs to that same utterly unambitious, over idealized bit of absolute dross where every single insipid moment of every day is a miracle of youth and life and friendship as Aria did (same creator), and especially that one since it might as well be called "Aria: The Highscool Years" by the way they couldn't come up with new designs for anything. Oh, but now they're under the water instead of in gondolas, and the hippo-cat's coloring is marginally different. If they don't try to have any comedy, drama, etc, then they can't fail. Except that leads to its own problems because if all it's going to provide is a somewhat soothing bit of white noise, as insubstantial as the clouds it keeps focusing on, then just get high and watch Window Media Player's visualizer while listening to Granola Bob's Sounds of the Forest.


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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Eh, I think I like the Futaba character a bit more than I should. For some reason, characters like her and Mako from Kill la Kill are somewhat… adorable, in there own intentionally annoying way.

    And this whole play lesbianism thing writers do in girl anime can fuck right off with that. Either make something of it or don’t waste an entire season or series jerking it off to have it turn into nothing.

  • Germanguy says:

    Nope this Low Budget Faces surly was there for joke purpose, but they overuse it and become like poison

  • えいのん says:

    You know what else is hard? Waiting on your Anime expo post.

  • Sol says:

    Windows media player? Does that piece of junk still exist?!

  • anise_punter says:

    Aria (the water one) bored the bejeesus out of me in a way very few series have.

  • PP2 says:

    As someone who usually loves these, this was pretty bad, the MC *thing* was too annoying with that retarded face of hers all the time.

    Also, is it me, or are my comments not showing up?

    • PP2 says:

      It worked the third time, dunno, submitted 2 and nothing showed up, changing the name fixed it I guess.

  • Sol says:

    Better than a Shinkai movie. Those use that stupid “mono no aware” as a weasel word for “monotonous”. At least this one’s got a smoking grandma.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    God, in half these images the girl looks like a damn Funko Pop, and that is far from a good thing.

  • Adam says:

    Creepy faces.