God’s Blessings #06 — Boss Did Nothing

February 17th, 2016


Aroduc was unimpressed.


This badly felt like 10 minutes that were desperately stretched out to 20, and not just for the gratingly repetitive blaring background music through the whole episode. Seriously. I don't remember the BGM getting this much on my nerves in prior episodes. Then again, most prior episodes have blended into a repetitive static noise of repeated jokes. Unfortunately, for actually providing them something to struggle against, this episode didn't really do a lot better in that regard, there was just something 'new' (as in only used in one episode before) to do the jokes against and pretend a little more convincingly that things were serious/dramatic/heroic/whatever.

Even that was pretty hamstrung by the only struggle not immediately played up for gags was the masochist once again being masochistic. Oh, and some grunts got smacked too. The longer the antagonist stands around glowering, plays dodge-water, or gets 'comically' zapped, the less serious you should be taking things, so when you go for the stirring victory fanfare and entirely unironically celebration at the end, I get the feeling that you thought at any point in this affair we should have been taking it seriously. I probably wouldn't mind that, since it seems we don't have any new jokes to tell, but then they'll probably realize that they haven't once given any kind of actual challenge to the self-insert protagonist so far and their heads might explode.

Next Episode:

Ice land.

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