Chaika #22 — And Now, Another Conference

December 10th, 2014




Well, that was a total mess, although it’s not like anybody expected much else. I think it was all the stabbing I enjoyed the most, and by enjoyed, I mean my eyes ache from all the rolling. It was up to the magic 8-ball whether or not the stabbing was to be simply shrug off or if it was a critical blow. None had any weight or import anyway, but the Chaika Community deserves some kind of award for exceptional extraneousness just for the amount of time they ate up and apparent effort, yet never making themselves even the slightest bit important to what was going on, let alone an actual threat to anything. And then it ended with just utter nonsense, yet another conference of people far, far away and Toru deciding that he doesn’t actually care that much about fighting or whatever after all. You didn’t have much of a character to begin with, chap. That was pretty much it. There wasn’t any big moment between them at any point, or for him either where he had some revelation or anything. Just decided he was done after growing tail armor and ready to take care of Chaika now that she made the ultimate sacrifice of her life force or memories or whatever the hell Japan is using as gunpowder these days.

And speaking of tail armor, I am quite disappointed that Frederika didn’t turn into a harrier, although not at all surprised that as always, she did absolutely nothing but play shortbus to the moron before jobbing yet again. All Toru got was some stupid armor and daggers that grow. When held at crotch level. To penetrate his mentor. Who also served no purpose in the end. Just like the rainbow Chaika brigade and pretty much every single character that has been involved in this fiasco of an arc. And the gun girl who just decided to switch sides because why not. Which is enough to win the day over the greatest super mage ever in one long drawn out shot. Because screw dodging. Another choppy sentence fragment.

Final Thoughts:

Yeesh, writers. On one hand, they did spend a lot less time fussing over the side characters and having dull conferences this season (which isn’t to say they were gone entirely, or couldn’t have been jettisoned into a kraken with no effect on the story at all), but I’m at something of a loss to say what they actually replaced that with. It sure as hell wasn’t character development, or even focus on them, including the titular character. Exposition, I guess, although there was plenty of flat-out padding, lest we forget the obligatory pre-arc “Why don’t we just use Frederika to solve this?” conversations which never once gave a convincing answer.

The action took a pretty big hit too. A major part of the first season was spent introducing characters, rivals, etc, so if nothing else, at least it had new things, but this season was totally satisfied with the status quo, so the only real antagonist came at the very end and about 7 episodes were spent fighting grunts and magic dogs. Also, while the first season had a bunch of little adventures, this ended up dragging even the slightest thing out multiple episodes, such as running into some woman who didn’t even want her macguffin but had to put them through a test to prove their worthiness anyway. There was never any payoff and the highest it reached was some saccharine crap about friendship power, multiple times. Other arcs ended with even less. The island arc in particular was just full of characters and plans that went nowhere and/or had no reason for existing at all, let alone eating up as much time as they did. The gun girl and beast people especially come to mind.

A stronger focus on the laughably poor story done through walls and walls of exposition, and less on the characters/adventuring did this series absolutely no good. It’s still watchable, I suppose, but the first season was certainly a lot more fun in just about every single way.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    I can’t believe they finally made that damn contract. I guess Toru’s spider sense was telling him all this time that he would grow a gay tail if he were to accept.

    Hopefully the OVA will be straight fanservice.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    The OAV will be a couple of swimsuit episodes…

    BTW – notice the clear set-up for an eventual sequel:

    – Girl-gun in a glass case
    – Heroine with no memory

    and most importantly:

    – no body for the “dead” villain…

    BTW II –

    The ending harem will allow the hero to use the famous line, “a cat will do too”…

    Oh well, it was less irritating that a lot of other shows out there right now…

    • Aroduc says:

      Not so much sequel I think as “Maybe someone later will want to make more and if we tack a conclusion onto anything, that could ruin it.”

      Not like that’s ever stopped anything before though.

  • Sanjuro says:

    It did feel like they were making it up episode by episode but I didn’t hate it.

    I’m not sure if I would want to eat her flesh to make that contact. Maybe something more intimate like other series, but then again she is a dragon. Maybe they’ll save that for the VN.

  • kenuran says:

    Freddie finally gets that contract with Toru and all he gets is sword boners and his ass easily beaten and skewered by Gaz. Also why didnt the Mentor ever use his Red hair and eyes power up?

    So originally Niva betrayed Chaika to go to Gaz’s side so she can be his weapon as she was programmed to do. Then after Gaz aims her at Chaika, she betrays Gaz at the drop of a hat to go back to Chaika so she can vaporize Gaz and save everyone. I like how Gaz didnt even react to that. He just stood there like there was nothing wrong. This made me think that he was actually gonna block that final shot at him. And What did Niva get for that? Forgotten by Chaika and locked away in a basement somewhere. At least she was still more useful character than Freddie ever was…

    All and all this part of the anime was a bunch of padding combined with BONES usual terrible writing to end it all off.

    “I am quite disappointed that Frederika didn’t turn into a harrier…”

    And I didnt get my jetpack! Also it didnt come down to using FEELINGS to beat the final boss either.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    So, does Freddie no longer want to fight Toru? Is she just contempt to now live out the rest of her life as their House Cat? I mean, I guess her Cat form was probably the one she got killed/poisoned in the least.

    And, Vivi became a Half-Chaika because ???

    Also, I love how Gaz enacted this big Light Yagami-esque plan to have himself killed, and brought back to life, by having a bunch of magic replicants run around and prod a bunch of orphan girls transformed by magic into similar-looking clones to recollect his body parts, was killed when his magical gun robot girl decides “lolnope” and turns on him, and he just stands there and goes “AW HAMBURGERS” and is killed on the spot.

  • DP says:

    Did kind of like Red Chaika’s head kicking.