Dat Ea Live #04 — Night of the Lepus

April 20th, 2013


Rabbits are not monsters.


The first half of this episode was an utter wash of nonsense and terrible time filler. Japanese writers have to realize by this point that such ‘hilarious’ situations as "two girls bring guy food and both insist he eats it and picks which is better" has been done to death, right? Or "walks in on girl in own home in the bath." So why do we keep going through the motions with zero effort put into it? Maybe it’d be better if one of the girls wasn’t Origami, who is about as interesting as tofu paste, but I kind of doubt it. At least it was only half an episode of that instead of the whole thing, although that could have just been the desire to get in as many girls as quickly as possible.

Not that the second half was terribly better. Yoshino’s puppet gimmick is far too gimmicky, not to mention used as an obvious excuse to go easy on the budget. There were also a number of tone issues with Touka in there toward the end. They were probably trying to go for a jolting shift when Yoshino summoned Lagobot what with the extra dramatic speedlines, but somehow, her hopping humorously while Touka held it out of reach and Shidou stammering generic useless protagonist drivel are not a good setup for that. Who knew? Pick how you want to present this stuff and stick with something consistent at least. Touka’s also a lot less adorable when she’s being bitchy and her insecurity is played seriously instead of as a gag.

Next Episode:

Team vs Rabbit.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    I felt bad for Yoshino when seeing her jumping for her puppet. Tohka, that was mean XD.

  • moridin84 says:

    I was thinking “how would the hentai handle this situation?”.

    Probably this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/e5e78623266d8eb328f9c807bdd07e02/tumblr_mldmemD0eU1rhzbyuo1_1280.jpg

  • jingoi says:

    so I skipped to the bath scene, main girl a.k.a the obvious winner of this harem bulls*** jumps into the tub with MC then……tries to drown him. What the F$%K?! Are they picking sh**** LNs out of a hat?

    moridin84 says:

    What exactly are you upset about? The love interest attempting to drown the main character?

    Personally, I kinda want to drown him myself.

    jingoi says:

    Yes I want to kill the MC too.
    Yes I’m angry about the drowning, I don’t get the humor of main girl showing the MC her nude self then getting embarrased which equals almost kill him instead of getting out of the damn washroom. I don’t expect any improvement from shitty harems but it only gets worse with every new adaption.

    moridin84 says:


    It’s a pretty standard trope followed by the standard comedic violence.

    I don’t think it can get “worse”, it simply IS.