Young Justice: Invasion #15 — Hormone Adventures on Warworld

February 9th, 2013


Where the hell did that come from?


I thought we had left most of the bad teenage kissy face nonsense behind, so you know, of course Warworld and Mongul are the perfect opportunities to showcase Mal and Bee having a spat over him not getting enough attention. I’m struggling to even think of a time when either of them was particularly relevant to the show, something that this season of it has not done well. Too many characters action figures to sell, and much of the focus has been on a select few so when it jumps over to the people it’s completely ignored for the last few episodes… which is about 9 months given its airing schedule, you end up with… this.

Many of the actual developments continue the recent trend of going a bit fast and a bit nonsensically. The Reach’s fleet, for exampe, went from "Surprise! (not really) We have one that we’ve been keeping secret from everyone!" to obliterated in about a 15 second span. Similarly with Blue betraying them to hijack Warworld. They’ve spent months now being all secretive and hell, last episode ended with them going "we must bide our time with both our double agents in place," and then suddenly "Dudes! A deathstar! Get it get it get it get it get it!" So much for all the other plans, eh? Roy too. If he’s going to have a mental breakdown every time anybody attacks, then I’m not sure what he’s doing playing super hero. Or why he even needed to go PTSD there in the first place.

And as always, Cassie was useless.


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