Young Justice: Invasion #12 — It’s Not Genetics, It’s Magic!

January 19th, 2013


Wow, is that chirpy bint annoying.

I was considering making some kind of pithy post of every boob shot in DC3’s episode this week, probably consisting of just the word "boobs," but then it had to be entirely about Sakura and her freakishly oversized enormous head with the other characters basically not even showing up. So much for that plan.


Much better than last week’s, and certainly a hell of a lot more eventful. I’m really not sure how I feel about pulling a Martian Beetle out of their asses though, and they weren’t doing themselves any favors with "Martians are too super awesome to be hacked," whether or not that’s a line of total BS. Or the incredibly awful ‘poisoning/dosing’ the world plot. Isn’t destabilizing the world economy by suddenly introducing a massive quantity of goods while simultaneously making Luthor rich(er) and poor nations beholden to him an evil enough plan? I’m not even sure how something like that even gets any kind of governmental approval. Especially when they go out of their way to show people being antsy about genetic manipulation. Is "It’s not genetics, it’s MAGIC ALIEN SCIENCE" really that reassuring? The FDA has clearly not been doing its job.

They were building up the whole Psimon thing pretty hard too, probably hoping that nobody remembers that Artemis is still lurking around. Deathstroke’s addition is more welcome than mini-Team Evil, especially since they still have never really actually done much with the vast majority of the Light besides have them sit around, plot at things, and say "All has gone according to plan." Hell, remove the last 30 seconds of every episode and most of the Light wouldn’t even exist in the show.

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    I think that’s not quite right.

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    Wonder if you ever get old of too much action, Aroduc?

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    If they go back to the fan service next time, will you keep covering Da Boob…, eh, I mean Da Capo III?