Armored Angels #08 — Electric Sheep

November 22nd, 2012


Do androids dream of catching electric hamsters in crane games?


Yeah, this was about as bad as I expected. Ann gets juiced and has a hallucination dream about becoming a human and getting to go on a date with the world’s most boring man. Oh, and it’s actually a virus! Surprise! It’s all that unprotected net surfing she was doing without a condom apparently. Why would you even do this? Your entire premise is 6 inch tall enslaved creatures bristling with advanced weaponry. Who takes that and thinks to themselves "You know what we should do with this? A generic date episode with none of that." The strangest part is how long MAAAAAAAAASTER got chocolate ice cream all over his face. While eating with one of those little spoons. Out of a cone. And then they apparently threw the ice cream away because they saw a crane machine. Yes, I demand that hallucinated ice cream make sense.


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