Guilty Clown #19 — Killer Clowngasms

March 1st, 2012


Shu has digivolved to Mary Sue!


Okay, so Shu was pretty much a Mary Sue to begin with, but now that his destiny is to be the one who takes in all the virus and then have the good graces to die at the end of it (ha, like there won’t be some other deus ex to stop that), he’s completed his total evolution. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Most of this episode wasn’t about Shu at all, thankfully. Well, sort of. I spent half the episode wondering if I should remember who these people were that were taking Haruka in after she betrayed the bad guys and ran off with the last hope, another Void Genome. Then a couple minutes later it became a moot point anyway when they were pretty much all killed by Segai in a bobble hat. That is one damn adorable little bobble hat for a clown too. It even has dangly ear covers to make sure he doesn’t get cold. Because nothing quite strikes terror into the hearts and minds of captives like a clown with a mechanical eye in a bobble hat. I can’t even tell whether or not I’m being sarcastic anymore.

*Ahem* Then he finally catches up to Haruka, shoots and knifes the Genome a few times because the only person with enough agility and mobility to try and grab it was somehow Ayase, before Shu picks it up and jams it into himself, completing his aforementioned transformation. Then he becomes a Strike Witch and in a particularly bizarre turn of events when he’s wearing rocket legs, has a giant sword, jagged crystals for an arm, and a gun that obliterates matter, reaches inside Segai and cuts his life force with magical void scissors while Segai is having the biggest clowngasm of his life. I can tell he’s dead of course, by the fact that his eye stopped spinning and then the truck exploded.

Oh yeah, and while all this is going on, Gai is sitting in a room made of nothing but stacked hexagons with Inori chained up, waiting for his Void senses to start tingling. Same ol’, same ol’ all around for GC.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CTT says:

    “Shu has digivolved into a Mary Sue” Thank God! That’s the best news I’ve had this week

  • sage says:

    Shoe digivolves into… MARY SHOE! *hides*

  • lollerman says:

    You know, I honestly wonder if these people are aware of the train wreck that is GC. At some point, this has gone beyond Avant Garde, beyond Horrible, even beyond surreal and post modernism. I mean, we thought PenguinDrum was supposed to be deep? This is so deep we aren’t even sure whether there is a bottom to it. Although knowing this show, it’ll probably be an angsty Japanese teen with a boner. And yet, it will probably mean something. I’m just not sure what.

    • K says:

      I’d like to think most people who are watching do, because those are the specific reasons that are making this show entertaining.

  • jingoi says:

    1.What do you label one who is a anime vet and can stand this wreck?
    2.Next time on GC ep 20, Xros Wars Tagiru arrives to make the show WORSE if that’s possible. Includes Yuma Tsukumo cameo.
    3. My Himari wincest………why?

  • Embok says:

    Ayase was seconds away from redeeming this show. I’m so depressed now, thinking of what could have been.

  • PremiseRunningThin says:

    Shu was given the Shinystone to hold.
    A wild BOBBLECLOWN appeared! Go! Shu!
    Shu used Frustration! It hurt itself in its confusion!
    > What? Shu is evolving!
    Congratulations! Shu evolved into MARYSHU!

  • Kefit says:

    Wow Scarface sure amounted to a lot in the end. Great character, I’m glad he existed. Almost as good as Sportsmaster.

    I support Jesushuu though. A super badass gary shu is a lot better than anything else in this show, after all.

  • TMH says:

    “Then he becomes a Strike Witch and in a particularly bizarre turn of events when he’s wearing rocket legs…”

    Haven’t watched this yet, but I hope to the various gods that he’s wearing pants…


  • ark noir says:

    Haruka………..Mother of the year 2012. Ain’t no-one that Milf hasn’t betrayed.

  • Burnout says:

    At least the clown went out the way he always wanted:

    With another man inside him.