BRAVE 10 #01 — Tales of Vesperia Sidestory

January 7th, 2012


Raven? When’d you start hanging out with only dudes?


This could’ve cool if the animation was a whole lot better… or Isanami wasn’t so irritating. Not to mention the least subtly named character since Amnesio McActuallyTheEvilOverlord. We got her whining, being clueless, pouting, crying in despair, unleashing her secret powers of destruction, and begging for breakfast all in a twenty minute span. Moving quickly is one thing. Being unable to sustain a consistent character for more than two minutes at a time is something else entirely. Pacing in general was kind of a problem, but I think the bigger one was just relatively poor direction and a failure to do a decent job highlighting what was supposed to be important. Isanami was undoubtedly the center of the episode, but she’s just the generic damsel in distress/host for goddess of death.

Everyone else was just sort of RPG protagonist material. There, fighting, being just slightly more competent than the random encounter, but with no actual presence otherwise besides either listening to some dull exposition or giving it. Even ol’ whose-her-face in Symphogear that didn’t even make it to the ten minute mark had more personality than Sanzou, Sasuke, and Raven Yukimura combined. I guess it’s better than having a horrible personality like Shuu, but then again, Sanzou threw a temper tantrum when he woke up in the morning to find Isanami’s breasts near him. Characters without any personality make the story really hard to care about. P4’s Yuu might not have one, but at least his party does. This episode just has a bunch of emotionless guys chatting between Isanami’s violent mood swings and a few poor to mediocre fights. Without particularly interesting action or characters, there’s not a whole ton in here. It looks like next episode introduces another half dozen new characters too, so I’m not really too hopeful that anybody’s going to manage to find a personality. Maybe one of the new characters will have one.


No, Isanami. No.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    I like how you say you care about personalities when you watched Samurai Girls and Inflated Boobs show before.

    Aroduc says:

    This show wishes it had Samurai Girls’ style and/or budget and/or visual ‘appeals.’ And it’s a whole lot more fun to write about something absurd than it is something utterly bland with a side of character-I-want-to-throttle.

  • Nan says:

    Quick, nurse! This show needs a 400cc intravenous drip… of FUNK.

    …Goddammit, pirates.

  • shadow says:

    Is a good new the hero is a men, then
    there are enemies and action
    and not other sengoku maiden paradox (shit of anime )

  • TEd says:

    First off Isanami is 16 years old and never left the confines of a temple and knows nothing off the world #2 if you were running away from people you have no idea who they are trying to kill you i cant blame you for trying to find somebody to protect you. also being thrown into pretty much a new life like her what expect her to be quiet and just not do anything and once again she’s 16.

    bk47 says:

    she is not 16 she is and not real her job is to shut up and entertain me this show is not good enuff to have “if this was reality” applied to it its like ninja scroll tv animes blend retarded cousin
    and if you wish to go that way back in that not a todays 16 but a 16 of that time period even as a shut in she should be aware of on going wars and how things are un the world from worshipers and other people
    usually when you wish to get help from a guy that killed peopel before your face you dont ask so disrespectfully I have seen this 1000times and it is always annoying

    you better be trolling