Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts #18 — Candid Camera

August 4th, 2011


I’m not sure the light switch is the most subtle place to hide a voyeur cam.


See? They don’t need to have all-out class battles to make at least some use of the show’s strength and gimmick. They can use them as a proxy beating stick. Just grab a teacher out of anywhere or handwave another one of those bracelets that Yoshii used to have into existence and let the summoned critters torture each other instead of rehashing Minami, Himeji, and Shouko doing it week after week. Unfortunately the summons this week was limited to just being brought out and then pretty much everything else happen off-screen. Hoo-blood-ray.

Apparently this whole thing about taking pictures in the girls’ locker room is going to be an arc lasting more than one episode too. That’s… bizarre. I was hoping that the culprit would end up being Kubo, although speaking of him… where has he been this season? Given that they can’t seem to give the Minami/Himeji torturing Yoshii jokes a rest and that the Class A girls seem attached to Class F’s hip, you’d think he’d be popping up somewhere too. Speaking of stalkers, Minami’s lesbian stalker has also been curiously absent now that I think about it. I remember when she used to annoy me. I think I’d welcome her now just to get her off of Yoshii’s back for two minutes.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ewan says:

    man, it’s been 5 episodes and they’re still fighting…

    ONE THING I HATE about this episode is how the boys were treated in this episode… Yes, they do deserve that but… In real life, It’s boys beats girls not GIRLS BEAT THE HELL UP BOYS.

  • Aex says:

    Second half of this was fucking stupid. The hell happened to this show?