Countless Cat Gods #07 — Goosebumps

August 19th, 2011


About as terrifying as them.


It continues to exist. I continue to wonder why I’m watching it. The everlasting circle of life. Or something. This episode was a little bit better than most, even if it was kind of shooting all over the place. Well, shooting probably implies more energy or focus than this has ever actually had. Let’s say lurching all over the place between a summer festival, ghost stories, and Ganta’s mom showing up. Most of the episode was on that central affair, which at least showed a little creativity at times, but still little more than a chuckle at best, and Yoshino was the only one actually reacting to any of their utter failures anyway. At least it didn’t have any particularly ugly cheap sequences like usual, which, I admit, is optimistically chalking up the looks of these kids to some kind of stylistic choice. Some kind of horrible, horrible, horrible, stylistic choice.


Sparkly women and MILFs.

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  • Anise_Punter says:

    Yoshino and Yuru Yuri’s Akarin seem to be in an arms race to out-blob each other this season while nearly every other character in their respective shows either bores me to death or pisses me off.