Actress Again Official Match Vids: Look’t All the New Voices!

September 12th, 2008

‘Micael’ Roa vs W.Len

Wow. Roa’s like… a kicky Kouma… with Ciel’s Ex-Hiero. And what’s with W.Len’s weird disappearing act/teleport? And she can duck now! Clearly broken! 

Edit: Sega keeps adding more match vids. Apparently I logged on while they were in the middle of updating. The rest are after the cut. I’ll keep adding them as they upload them.

V.Akiha vs M.Hisui

V.Akiha sounds positively drunk with power. Very neat that they redid her voice samples completely. M.Hisui is… well… still wacky ol’ M.Hisui, but now with all sorts of summons.

Late Edit: Oh… they redid most characters voice samples completely. I wonder if that’s to fall in line for the VAs for the Tsukihime remake…

 Sacchin vs Ciel

Sacchin! What happened to your voice?! Lots of your moves seem a bit… gimpy too. Ciel looks… more or less like a shorter range, speedier Ciel.

Sion vs Aoko

Aoko looks like she’s been moved quite a bit towards the normal shotokan fighters (at least for that form) and we’ve seen some of Sion’s wacky new etherlite combos already, but she does look like she’s become even more vicious on that front, especially with her 5C actually being usable in a normal ground combo. Aoko’s voice samples have also been redone, of note is her "sugoi sugoi" (0:33) being a little… well… off.

Warc vs Shiki

Warc’s got a new set of voice samples too, but she just doesn’t sound as crazy as she used to. A little more arrogant and in control, but she’s supposed to be the version of Arc that’s gone insane from bloodlust, not just overly arrogant. Then again, I guess these days ‘Warc’ is technically Warachia/W.Len so… whatever. *shrug* ANYWAY, both look relatively unchanged, at least compared to the rest of the cast so far. Shiki got Nanaya’s teleports, and Warc got a long range projectile… though since she already has the rings… what’s the point? She did have her crazy j.2C toned down quite a bit I saw.

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18 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • guy says:

    Wow thanks for these. please keep updateing with new vids. Im really excited about these changes the characters are getting.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nooo~! SUGOI SUGOI ;_;

  • sage says:

    Nayuk-Er, I mean, “KoumaB” looks pretty cool.

  • DominicanZero says:

    HOLY FREAKING SHIT, F-V.Akiha looks AWESOME. o.o

    I can’t wait to play this. The PC port needs out, NOW. ;_;

  • hotlolisex says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like Ciel’s gotten some flicker jab moves to replace her old range control? That’s sweet.

  • sibladeko says:

    Remember the modes matter on what moves they get.
    Warc’s got 3 projectiles now actually, rings, reppuken, and that cross my arms stare at you with mystic eyes eye beam she was doing on the ground and air.
    Plus her teleports are actually attacks now (Counter hitted a Shiki 2a!) instead of just teleports.
    I wrote some more but my analysis is just as gimpy overall.

  • Aroduc says:

    I found it funny that most of the matches had them in Half-Moon/easy mode. I also assumed the Warc eye thing was just a small AoE attack and not really a projectile like the others. *shrug*

  • NamelessLoli says:

    “I also assumed the Warc eye thing was just a small AoE attack and not really a projectile like the others.”

    The exhibition vid showed Warc’s mystic eyes hitting from full screen on Wara. I assume it is similar to MBAC Mech Hisui’s 236 eye laser.

  • TheBigN says:

    Given that I haven’t really seen MB match videos before, I’m amazed by Sion, even though it seems computer played.

  • DominicanZero says:

    And I’m still wondering who NamelessLoli is. -_-

  • Aroduc says:


    That was the ex-version of the deathgaze, so… *shrug*

  • Anonymous says:



  • Anonymous says:

    Where’s my Tohno Akiha at?

  • Seto-Blaze says:

    Hmm…i’m not liking MBAA very much from what i’ve seen. The only thing i would say i like is the refined moves…but they don’t seem to combo very smoothly…Voices…SACCHIN what happened!?
    =[ Hmm…waiting patiently for a Warakia vid, being a Sacchin & Warakia player myself…

  • that guy says:

    oh that win screen is so gay…

  • SionBarzad says:

    Roa seems like the NEW Iori. Full-moon Sacchin…may just be the best char in the game xD Though, where’s my KOHAKU at!? ~_~

  • weika says:

    Kohaku~~?! ( ゚ Д゚)I have to admit V.Akiha looks awesome,and whats with Roa; just as SionBarzad mentioned seems like a new Iori lol. After watching the shiki vs.warc I really wanna see nanaya and kohaku now.

  • Blarg says:

    The only thing in those videos I haven’t liked is Warc’s voice. It simply doesn’t match.