The New Maid is Up to Something #01 — The Plight of Billionaires

July 24th, 2022


And their sexualized human chattel.

This is a Saturday show that I just completely forgot existed. It's not even the last summer show though. That goes to Fuuto PI at the start of August.


Luckily, it's also without any merit; one of the new flavor of what I believe are called "waifu" shows where some random woman or harem appears out of nowhere to take care of an incompetent obnoxious little piece of garbage because they're just so darn devoted to them for no reason. Even abject garbage like DearS or Girls Bravo was at least somewhat aware that the slave wife was kind of a messed up thing, and you should probably make one or more characters a robot just to keep things spicy. Hell, even Ah! My Goddess would occasionally have someone show up to fight.

But the recent trend is away from anything wacky or slapstick, and just to have a highly fetishized girl to permanently hover over the main character while they both blush. And that is all that goes on here. She boobs around. The camera zooms in on the boobs. He blushes and yells that she's too pretty. She blushes some more. Another closeup on the cleavage. Repeat four more times, and there's your whole episode. Banal doesn't even begin to cover it. Just hang up a neon sign saying "Make porn of this so we can be popular, please."


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • J Greely says:

    For me, the highlight was how he kept shouting variations of the title every 30 seconds for the entire episode.


  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I guess the author was so busy with Jahy, he just decided to copy and paste the one joke he thought up for this series and repeat it ad nauseum.

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